Globex Corporation, or Globex, is a villainous organization in The Simpsons cartoon. It only appears in the episode "You Only Move Twice".

Company Background

The Globex Corporation is a high tech company that owns the suburban town of Cypress Creek. All of the employees and their families are residents in Cypress Creek.

Based on its image to the public, the Globex Corporation is a friendly and efficient company. However, this is just a ruse. The Globex Corporation is actually a front for terrorists. Hank Scorpio, the CEO of the Globex Corporation, is among the most skilled terrorists in the world.


Globex consists of an open work environment. The employees are allowed to dress in casual clothing. The complex contains a fitness center and much greenery. There are very few walls because Hank doesn't believe in them.

Part of a nearby mountain is connected to the company. It houses a large chamber consisting of terrorists. The chamber contains a large doomsday device that Hank uses to successfully take over the east coast. His office is located inside the chamber.

Homer Simpson was a valued employee. He decided to quit though, and returned to Springfield with his family.



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