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This nuke will wipe that toxin off the face of the Earth!
~ The Globex Leader to the Player while first fighting

The Globex Leader (or GlobeX Leader, spelled as such in the second game) is the main antagonist of the first both games of Strike Force Heroes (as well as its upcoming remaster), and an anti-hero at the sequel of the second game. He is the tyrannical leader of Globex. While he is an anti-hero in Strike Force Heroes 3, his evil role was taken by The Scientist.


Strike Force Heroes

The leader of Globex is a mysterious man. Not much is known of him but he is very powerful to have controls over WMDs (Weapons of Mass Destruction) and his own private army. He must be involved in corrupt politics. He faces the Player in the last mission of the campaign. Similar to "Die Hard", He attempts to take the Player down with him but the Player simply pulls a parachute cord, leaving him to die. However, unknown to the Alpha squad, the Globex Leader had many clones, and the Alpha Squad player had only killed one of his clones. In the final cutscenes, it is revealed that the scientist talks to the original, the real Globex Leader, saying, "I'm glad you survived". However, this may be a clone of the scientist working for Globex, or be the real one.

Strike Force Heroes 2

So you thought i died?
~ Globex Leader fighting the player.

The Globex Leader appears in mission 14 where he crushed Dex with piloting Mech foot and fights the player.

Despite the Scientist disabling the nukes, the Mech goes outside the factory. However, the player is on it and fights against the player. The leader sends a few of his clones to fight him, only to be bested by them. The player managed to shoot the leader off the Mech, causing him to fall critically.

Strike Force Heroes 3

Globex, eh.... I may be able to help with that.
~ Globex Leader in the epilogue, also the last line of the game.

At the epilogue, the former leader of Globex receives Wesley a help against Globex.


How about some help, brothers?
~ The Globex Leader
And who do you think is at fault here?
~ The Globex Leader



  • Despite being the main antagonist in both games, his screen time is little as he is seen in the final levels.


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