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Glory is a powerful supervillain from Marvel Comics. He appeared in the Chaos King event as an ally of the titular Chaos King.


Glory was an alien deity of immense power, that was actually the physical embodiment of an entire pantheon of dark gods and contained within it over ten thousand entities and the worlds they were worshipped on.

Glory was one of the few deities who willingly joined the Chaos King in his quest to destroy Creation, therefore restoring it to its original state of absolute chaos and nothingness.

Glory ultimately fought against Thor and despite his great power was seemingly destroyed by the Asgardian hero. As Amatsu-Mikaboshi's army attacks Earth, Thor ends up engaged with the alien god Glory where he beats Glory. Drained from the fight, Thor crashes back to Earth reverting to an amnesiac Donald Blake form. He is nurtured by Rebecca Steinhardt (a woman living alone). Alien swarms released by Glory follow Thor and eventually materialize into a many headed monster which attacks Blake and the woman.

The God Squad manage to overpower and slay most of the gathered Kami, but a lone survivor breaks Yomi's seal, releasing hordes of Japanese demons. Venus summoned the Kraken to their aid, and Hellstrom, unable to re-enchant Yomi's stone seal, instead uses Yomi's remaining "soul-energy" to open a portal to an unknown place elsewhere.

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