I guess I'm finally retiring... Jark Matter... will never die! Sir!
~ Final words before Death

Gloven is the Karo of Space Shogunate Jark Matter who ruled the Cassiopeia Constellation system. He's also the main antagonist in episode 40 of 2017 TV series called Uchu Sentai Kyuranger.

He is voiced by Fukushi Ochiai.


Gloven made his first appearance on the planet called SBC as he introduced himself to the Kyurangers on the monitor where he challenge the team in game of baseball. With that said both team arrived on the field ready to beat the Jark Matter in the game of baseball.

After the intro Gloven was first up to bat as soon as he smacks the ball for a home run, but Star Raptor 283 transformed and caught the fly ball making Gloven the first one out. Gloven is very concerned about it and decided to eliminate the ace player.

A while later it was the Kyurangers up to bat while the Jark Matters try to prevent the team from making anymore runs. Gloven then declares to switch pitchers as the Indaver (who's on the pitcher's mound) is then replaced by Madakko (which I'm assuming that she'd want to play a game of baseball too) as she'd open fire on Stinger. With that said both team broke into the fight as the two Indavers hold Lucky in place while Gloven weakens him when its the Jark Matter's turn to bat. However the announcer declare that'll be enough fighting for now.

A while later team during the first match Kyuranger has 2 points while Jark Matter has 0 points during the second match both teams has 0 points that goes for the third match too as well. Now during the fourth match the Kyuranger has 2 and the Jark Matter still has 0 points and for the fifth match the Kyurangers has 5 points while the Jark Matter still has 0 points. At this rate the Jark Matter will lose to the Kyurangers however Gloven has an idea in order to prevent the team from catching any more balls he tossed his bat towards Raptor 283, Hammie and Kotaro knocking them to the ground thus giving the Jark Matters enough run and its by cheating.

So for the last two matches both teams has 0 points, but once the Jark Matter started cheating they gained 3 points. However when its Tsurugi's turn to bat Gloven used his ability as is it incinerates the uniform and TKO the immortal warrior, Champ and Garu. So after that the Kyurangers 0 points and Jark Matter has 3 points. During the ninth match Madakko used her ability as she hits the baseball causing it to split into eight baseballs giving the Jark Matter 8 points that leaves them 11 runs total while Kyuranger still has 8 runs. However the Commander calls in a timeout since its getting late so the game will resume tomorrow morning.

Later that day Gloven wonders where Spada is at this moment. So Raptor 283 pointed to where he's at which right at the bleachers. However with enough practice that he has from last night Spada successfully hit one of Gloven's deathball as he transformed and used his helmet sending the baseball out a here which means team Kyuranger wins the game. Once the game is over team got the Kyutama and used it's ability to transform into a colorful baseball, so Madakko sends the Indaver to prevent the Kyuranger from knocking out the generator on this planet.

However once Spada passed the ball towards Lucky he transformed into his Orion form and used the sword as the bat as it smacks it towards the disappointed Gloven thus defeating this karo of Cassiopeia with this finisher called End Ball.

However due to his Inro (that manage to survived the destruction) Gloven was then enlarged prompting the team to bring out the Kyutamajin and battle him. However Gloven used his bat and began to smack the Megazord, so Lucky summoned the Orion Battler to assist in this fight. After that Gloven was then destroyed by this finisher called Meteor Booster.


  • His suit is a redesign version of Shaidos.
  • Due to the constellation Cassiopeia being associated with the Gorenger, he may have been influenced by the Masked Monster called Baseball Mask.


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