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Gloxinia is a minor antagonist in Seven Deadly Sins Season 2: Revival of the Ten Commandments. He is the first fairy king who but defected after thinking his sister was murdered and joined the Ten Commandments, becoming a Demon and taking in the Repose commandment. In Season 3: Dragon's Judgement, he realized the wrongs of his actions, however and returned as an ally to the Seven Deadly Sins.


Like most fairies, Gloxinia has the appearance of a child. He possesses long red hair and pointed ears, giving him a somewhat feminine look. Before he aligned with the Demon Clan, his eyes were amber and the Commandment mark on his chest didn't exist.

In his initial appearance, he is always surrounded by basquias in the form of green tentacles. While wearing this, only his upper chest and head is exposed. When Basquias is removed, it is seen he possesses giant rainbow fairy wings.


Gloxinia has always had a laid-back and up-beat personality. In the past, he was kind and only wanted to protect his sister and comrades, but do to thinking his sister died, he ended up snapping and despising all humans. As a member of the Ten Commandments, Gloxinia retains is up-beat personality but is much more sadistic. He enjoys torturing humans by putting them in tournaments.

Deep down, Gloxinia regrets his behavior, seen as how he stills think Meliodas was once his friend. After learning his sister was alive, he truly wishes to atone for his sins and reverts back to his once kind self. He goes about his atonement by apologizing to his sister about his wrongdoings and later sacrifices his life against Chandler to save the Seven Deadly Sins.

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