Glut (also known as Glut the Shark) is a minor antagonist in Disney's 28th full-length animated feature film The Little Mermaid, and the TV series of the same name. He is a vicious great white shark who attempts to kill Ariel and Flounder for food.

He was voiced by Frank Welker.


The Little Mermaid

Glut is only seen in a graveyard of ships at the introduction of Ariel seen. She and Flounder are exploring a sunken ship collecting human stuff in it. But it is not very long before Glut discovers them. Flounder is left to watch for sharks, but he swims to Ariel since he is afraid of sharks, to which she tells him not to be a guppy. Offended, Flounder says that he is not a guppy. He is still reluctant to watch out for sharks while Ariel looks for human stuff. Little do they suspect or know that they are about to encounter a real shark.

Flounder soon discovers Glut, but Ariel does not at first. Not believing Flounder, Ariel tells him to relax, but she then discovers that Flounder was right after all. Glut pursues Flounder, and a chase follows. Just as he attacks Flounder again, he calls him a big bully and blows a raspberry at him. Glut then tries to eat Flounder again, but he swims off just in time and Glut gets caught in an anchor. He is never seen after that.

It is unknown what happened to Glut, but might have presumably drowned because sharks constantly need to move in order to live. Although, because sharks are pretty strong, they could easily get out of an anchor; so maybe Glut could've survived.

In Video Games

In Kingdom Hearts, Glut appears as a boss, taking the same role as he did in the movie, attacking the group near the sunken ship. He attacks multiple times. The player can first leave the fight, but Glut later has to be beaten to get to Ursula's lair.



  • The name "Glut" means an excessively abundant supply of something.
  • Glut's name was never mentioned in the film or Kingdom Hearts because he just the shark.
  • Despite the fact that sharks and other fishes do not have vocal cords and as such cannot produce any sounds, Glut is clearly heard growling, snarling, and even roaring in his scenes. However, this may have been added for dramatic effect. His noises were provided by Frank Welker. This may also be a possible reference to the infamous roaring shark of Jaws: The Revenge
  • His death in the deleted scene may have been a reference to the climax of the original Jaws film.
  • Glut may be the inspiration for Undertow from the sequel, as they have some similarities in common; for example; both of them are villains. However, Undertow can talk, while Glut does not talk.


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