The Glyptodon is the first boss in the Ice Age GameBoy Advance game. Unlike the other Glyptodons in the franchise, this one was bigger than Manny and wanted to demonstrate his size and strength to prove that he's better than him.


The Glyptodon first appears at the end of the first level. Manny would have to bounce and hit him in order to defeat him. He has 5 tokens for health. Each time Manny hits him, he would spin around to try to attack him back. Once Manny has finished him, he would poof away.

He later appears again at the 10th level. This time, the Glyptodon has brought a flock of bats and Manny has to hit him with hazel nuts before reaching Soto. Like before, he has 5 tokens for health.

In the secret final level, the Glyptodon has shrunken into a Mini Glyptodon and has 4 tokens this time. Once again, Manny has to hit him with hazel nuts like he did the last time. Once he's defeated him, Manny has returned Roshan to his father.


  • This Glyptodon is not like the others in the rest of the franchise, as none of them are bigger than Manny and don't try to kill him to be better than him.


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