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Glythur is a Lovecraftian Deity from another universe who served as a minor antagonist in the Supernatural episode The Thing



Glythur, alongside his mate Yokoth, consumed/destroyed most of their own universe, with the help of their children known as the "faceless hordes".

First Summoning in 1925

Around the 1925 a group of rogue Men of Letters, led by Diego Avila, performed a ritual with the Seal of Solomon that opened a rift to the universe ruled by Yokoth and Glythur. Avila, a disillusioned World War I-veteran, wanted the Old Ones to come through in order to "cleanse the world of hate and bring a new paradise". 

Yokoth game through and started to possess the body of Sandy Porter, a woman the Men of Letters had kidnapped for the ritual. Sandy died from this, and Yokoth devoured Avila and most of the other Men of Letter.

The few survivors managed to close the rift before Glythur could come through as well, and managed to bind Yokoth, so that she could summon her spouse.

Second Summoning in 2018

In 2018 Yokoth managed to capture Dean Winchester, planning to use him as a vessel for Glythur. Yokoth managed to open the rift, and Glythur's tentacles came through trying to enter Dean's body.

Sam Winchester, alongside Marco and Ophelia Avila (Diego's descendants), manage to tackle Yokoth, which leads to Dean grabbing the Seal of Solomon and sealing the rift. Glythur manages to grab Yokoth and drag his spouse back to his reality beofre, possibly being angrt at her, by the way she screams as she is being pulled back.


  • Glythur is inspired by the various deities of the Cthulhu Mythos.
  • The name bears a resemblance to the name Hastur.