Gnarly Gnome is Finster's creation. Rita had wanted a musical monster to use against the Rangers.


Finster was against the idea, as musical monsters were unreliable, but Rita insisted. Gnarly Gnome has an accordion. When he plays it, the music places people under a trance. The plan was for Gnarly Gnome to lure a few girls and the Power Rangers would come to rescue them. Gnarly Gnome would play his music and the Power Rangers would be under Rita's control. Gnarly Gnome was placed in the Monastermatic and immediately sent down to Angel Grove. Gnarly Gnome landed just outside of the Youth Center. Five girls walked out of the Youth Center and Gnarly Gnome played his music. Beth and three other girls were immediately placed in a trance. Only Melissa, a hearing impaired girl, was unaffected. Gnarly Gnome didn't seem to notice and lead the four girls out of the city and out into a field, and then a cave. Gnarly Gnome played his music continusly. Once Gnarly Gnome and the four girls entered, a netting fell over the entrace of the cave. Gnarly Gnome had the girls dance as Baboo and Squatt prepared his food. Gnarly Gnome then had the Putties dance with the girls as well. After his meal, Gnarly Gnome was ready for a nap. Everyone went to sleep, the girls simply stood still. Rita was not happy and yelled at them, waking them all up. Rita warned them the Rangers would arrive at any moment. Gnarly Gnome struggled with the laces on his boots and then vanished. Gnarly Gnome disappeared and tried to leave. Baboo and Squatt yelled at him and Gnarly Gnome reappears. Gnarly Gnome leaves the cave to battle the Rangers. The Power Rangers used their power weapons against Gnarly Gnome. The Power Blaster is formed and used against Gnarly Gnome. Gnarly Gnome is defeated, but not for long. Rita throws down her wand down. Gnarly Gnome is back and giant size. The Rangers summon their zords and the Megazord is formed. Gnarly Gnome also has a rake and he uses it against the Rangers. The Rangers destroy the rake and then Gnarly Gnome uses the accordion. The music makes the Rangers think they are in the city and Gnarly Gnome is a building. Gnarly Gnome takes advantage of this to strike a blow against the Rangers. Then Gnarly Gnome uses his helmet to fire at the Rangers as well. The Megazord's Power Sword is used and Gnarly Gnome is destroyed.