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I heard your wishes, little girls, so here I am. Oh I'll solve your problems little girls. Long stick elders gave me permission to conjure up a sacred light. And with my magic, mystic tricks I'll turn Townsville into right.
~ The Gnome introducing himself to the Powerpuff Girls.
Hear me fathers now. Shai lai lupti sancha megido. Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Shai lai lupti sancha megido. Yeah! Shai lai lupti sancha megido. Hear me evil spirits now! Shai lai shai lai lupti sancha MEGIDO!!!
~ Gnome about to cast his spell over Townsville

Gnome is the main antagonist of the Powerpuff Girls episode, "See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey". He is the most powerful villain in the original series. In the episode, he offers the Girls world peace, after they couldn't defeat the other villains. However, they would have to give him their powers. He then turns Townsville into a cult and leads the town astray.


When an alliance of all the Powerpuff Girls' most recurring foes (Mojo Jojo, HIM, Princess Morbucks, Fuzzy Lumpkins, Gangreen Gang and the Amoeba Boys) went on a spree of terrorizing Townsville, the Powerpuff Girls attempted to stop them, but were unable to deal with such a large number of villains at once and were badly beaten. It was then that it started raining and a tulip sprung out and blossomed from a crack in the streets. Inside the tulip was the Gnome, who offered to rid Townsville of evil in exchange for the Powerpuff Girls giving him their powers. After some reluctance, the Powerpuff Girls agreed to his deal and the Gnome cast a spell over Townsville ridding it of evil.

Things seemed peaceful, but soon take a dark turn when its revealed that the Gnome has brainwashed all the civilians of Townsville into a cult and made them worship him as a god, granting the world peace and safety at a loss of individuality for its people. It is then that Professor Utonium convinces the girls to stop him in the song called "Freedom Beef" where he calls out how the Gnome has become evil in forcing everyone to bow to him. The Powerpuff Girls go to confront him and chase him out of his giant rose flower. As he falls, he realizes that he had become the evil he sought to destroy and thus cannot exist in his utopia, saying the only unsung lines. He thus destroys himself, all his power coming undone.

The Gnome performing in front of the girls


  • The Gnome is probably the most powerful enemy the girls have ever faced, as he had the power of eliminating all other villains (including both the Powerpuff Girls' archnemesis Mojo Jojo and the series' recurring powerful villain HIM) simultaneously. Still, all the villains were revived after he is presumably deceased.
  • The Gnome was originally intended to be voiced by Jack Black, but Black turned down the offer, leading Jess Harnell to voice the character (who tried to imitate Black's voice in the episode). This may suggest why the Gnome physically resembles Black.
  • "See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey", the episode in which Gnome appeared in, was banned and never aired in America. That was because of the strobing red and white lights (which would cause a seizure), aside that it made political references to Communism extremism.
    • However, the episode was not banned in Latin America and Canada, only that the flashing lights were slowed down to avoid any epilepsy.
  • The idea of an alien omnipotent being that seeks a "Utopia" but ends up making things worse is similar (and perhaps inspired by) to the Marvel villain/anti-hero known as Beyonder (prior to his retcon).
  • Taking into account some of Professor Utonium's claims, some fans deem the Powerpuff Girls to actually be the true villains of the episode while the Gnome is actually the hero. This is because due the fact that by defeating the Gnome, the Powerpuff Girls brought back all evil to the world even though they have always fight against it. However, what really the Professor meant was that the Gnome didn't fulfill his part of the deal because while he tried to erase evil, he himself became evil by robbing free will on the world, resulting the realization that evil without the bad there is no good and therefore life consists in opposites.


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