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The Fairy Gnomes are minor antagonists in the Adventure Time TV series. They appeared to be a gang of jerks who like to mess with people.

They are voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, John Moschitta Jr., and Mark Hamill.


They first appeared in "The Enchiridion!" as one of Finn's trials on Mount Cragdor. Finn hears them calling for help and after he saves from a lava pit they start destroying old ladies. Distraught, Finn leaves while Jake confronts the Gnomes for their actions. They try to attack him but Jake grabs them and puts them back into the lava pit.

Two similar Gnomes were scene in "Too Young" as part of young Princess Bubblegum's prank on Lemongrab.

They were seen again in "Billy's Bucket List" where they have taken over Billy's cave along with their leader Jordon. Jordon told them to leave saying that Billy's cave was his home now, so using his grass sword, Finn chopped of Jordon's head. Afterwards the Gnome Fairies left while carrying Jorden severed Head with them.



  • In "Billy's Bucket List," the Gnomes are called Fairies, and they are led by Jordan.
  • The Fool, one of Marceline's vampire enemies, is considered a vampire gnome.
  • The Gnomes appear as enemies in the first stage of the game Righteous Quest by Cartoon Network. They can shoot small blasts of lightning.
  • The Gnomes appear as jungle mobs in Adventure Time Battle Party.
  • The Gnomes also appear as enemies in the video game LEGO Dimensions.


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