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The Gnomes are a race of tiny humanoids that appear in the Disney Channel original animated series, Gravity Falls. They are lead by Jeff, characterized by his brown hair and lack of a mustache. Jeff and the gnomes appear in the first episode, "Tourist Trapped", where they disguise as a teenage boy by the name Norman and date Dipper's sister, Mabel, in order to make her their new gnome queen, after the loss of their previous one.


Jeff and the gnomes disguised as Norman.

After "Norman" and Mabel spend some time together and get to know each better, Jeff reveals his true identity as a gnome, whilst Dipper is convinced he's actually a zombie. Jeff seeks Mabel's hand in marriage, but to her refusal. At first, he seems understanding, but forcefully kidnaps Mabel and hauls her into a secret cavern in the Gravity Falls forest.

Dipper borrows the Mystery Cart from Wendy in order to save Mabel. Dipper and Mabel manage to escape the gnomes unharmed and make a getaway in the Mystery Cart. Jeff commands the gnomes to assume position and form an even bigger gnome by connecting each other. By this, they manage to catch up to the twins and begin attacking them. Several gnomes are thrust onto the Mystery Cart, where they land multiple vicious attacks on Dipper.

The gnomes are able to form into an even bigger, formidable foe.

The twins eventually reach the Mystery Shack, where the Mystery Cart crashes and Mabel decides to "accept" Jeff's proposal, only for her to use a leaf blower to suck Jeff inside and shoot him out into the distance. The other gnomes then flee into the surrounding vegetation.

The Gnomes appear once more in the final episode of season 1, "Gideon Rises". Dipper and Mabel reluctantly decide to go back to the gnome's forest and ask Jeff and the others for help to defeat Gideon after he stole the mystery shack.

Powers and Abilities

Jeff describes gnomekind as a powerful race, capable of unexpected power. This is especially proven when Jeff and his gnome army assemble and form a giant monster. They are also able to quickly reassemble if they fall out of place.

Gnomes can also fire themselves like arrows, using their pointy hats to embed themselves in their targets. They are also vulnerable to high-pitched whistling noises.


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