The Gnomes emerges!
~ Message before the gnome attacks.

Gnomes are one of the supporting antagonists/enemies of the third-person shooter game series of Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. They are the group of garden gnomes from the Gnomiverse, who take part in fighting plants and zombies.


Basic Enemies

  • Gnome
  • Shooty Gnome
  • Shieldy Gnome
  • Explody Gnome
  • Giga Gnome
  • Gnome Floatie


  • Blue Gnome King
  • Green Gnome King
  • Yellow Gnome King
  • Red Gnome King
  • Gnomus the Gnome King
  • Brother Gnomus
  • Mimic Gnight
  • Unyielding Gnight
  • Bomber Gnight
  • Sir Biff
  • Sir Baff
  • Sir Boff


  • Gnome Targets: They are a group of targets who only appear in Crazy Targets and Bullseye Boat Blast.
  • Rux the Deal Breaker: He is the owner of Rux's Bazaar, who sells Rare customizations and abilities.
  • Mr. Lucky: He is a gnome who takes parts in Luck O' the Zombie events.
  • Wingding: He is a gnome who is in charge of selling event items.
  • Chip: He is a gnome who helps the players designing their victory slabs.
  • Sven: He is a gnome who asked the players to help him get revenge on Sir Biff, Sir Baff, and Sir Boff, who bullied him at King Gnomus's birthday party.
  • Four unnamed gnomes: They are a group of basic gnome enemies in the comics who attempted to attack Neighborvillians. However, neither any plants or zombies encountered them.


  • Most of the gnomes are all male, but there exists a female gnome in the comics.
  • There will be a playable gnome in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. It is unclear whether if that gnome is on the villainous or heroic side.



Playable Zombies

Story Quest Bosses


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