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Gobble Head is a one-time villain from the Cartoon Network original series, Total Dramarama, only appearing in the episode "Gobble Head". He is an evil turkey, who goes around capturing people who aren't thankful for things and trapping them in a bowl of cranberry jelly.


In "Gobble Head", Chef Hatchet made a Thanksgiving dinner for the kids and used a recipe from the Cookronomnomicon, leading to him making a cursed Thanksgiving dinner, causing an evil cyborg turkey named Gobble Head to come out and terrorize the school and capture the kids. At recess, the kids were being very ungrateful of Chef's tuba playing and Gobble Head came up and kidnapped Beth, Duncan, Owen, and Courtney for their rudeness. Chef and the kids noticed the evil turkey and ran back inside. Gwen noticed that Chef used the Cookronomnomicon to make their food, explaining how he summoned Gobble Head. Gobble Head came out and kidnapped Cody and so they ran and his in the basement, where they saw a giant bowl of sour cranberry sauce, where all of the kidnapped kids had been sent to. Harold showed his ungrateful nature and Gobble Head appeared and shot him but Chef grabbed his taser and fought the turkey hand to hand in a battle. Gwen read the Cookronomnomicon and found that they could defeat Gobble Head by appreciating someone who they forgot to appreciate. Gwen, Izzy, and Harold pondered who they should be thanking but couldn't come up with anything, not realizing that Chef was saving their lives right now. Chef finally just threw Gobble Head into the furnace and cooked him to death and the kids didn't learn a thing.


  • He is a parody of the Predators from the Predator franchise.


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