Gobblegut is a boss that first appeared in Super Mario Galaxy 2.


Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010)

Gobblegut resembles a serpent-like dragon with a huge appetite. Bowser Jr. sent Gobblegut to eat Mario up in the stage "Bowser Jr.'s Fiery Flotilla". During the battle, Mario must avoid getting eaten by Gobblegut as he attempts to swallow the plumber. If Mario successfully dodges Gobblegut as he dives into the ground, Gobblegut will then get frustrated and tunnel into the planet, which gives Mario a chance to fight back by attacking the dragon's Bellyache Bulges, six inflamed bulbs on Gobblegut's body which are his weak spots. After three of the Bulges are destroyed, Gobblegut will grimace in pain, and then get angry, causing his attacks to be quicker.

After all six Bulges are destroyed, Gobblegut will slow to a stop, burp, and then explode.


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