Gobler is a supporting antagonist in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

He was a Nazi Major who acted as Colonel Dietrich's personal assistant and second-in-command.

He was portrayed by Anthony Higgins.


In the film, Gobler can be seen accompanying Colonel Dietrich and René Belloq throughout the film. He gives suggestions to Dietrich and even comments on Belloq's excavation methods.

Once the Nazis had obtained the Ark of the Covenant, they had loaded it into a large troop carrier truck. Gobler personally drove a troop car with two Soldiers to guard the truck.

When Indiana Jones gained control of the Truck, Gobler constantly tried to stop him with his car, each time resulting in his loss of control over the vehicle. In a final attempt, Gobler rammed the car into the truck. Jones retaliated with a returned ram. This sent Gobler and his men out of control off the road. Gobler and his men met their demise when the car went over the side of a cliff.


  • Due to dying during the desert chase, Gobler is one of the few major Nazi characters in the film who isn't killed by the Ark of the Covenant's power at the film's climax.


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