The Gobligan Empire is the main villainous force from the Mahou Daisakusen series (Sorcer Striker, Kingdom Grandprix and Dimahoo). They are a group of monsters bent on world domination


Originally a group of goblins which lived scattered around the Basalna Kingdom, these goblins would eventually organize themselves and form a empire of their own, under the leadership of King Gobligan. He taught the goblins how to create magical weapons and mass produce them, so their machinations are various mythical creatures blended with heavy machinery. Their numbers are comprised by various creatures from mythical lore, such as goblins, ogres, kobolds, harpies and even a few humans.

King Caudwener, worried with the Gobligan uprising, sends his men after them, but they never return. With a large scale war at hand, he decided to put a large bounty on their leader, so four bounty hunters, each with their own motives, take upon the task of fighting the Gobligan Empire.

Even after their defeat and the death of their king the Gobligans would never give up on their plans, moving underground where they began to rebuild their strength, eventually launching another attack against the kingdom. Another group of bounty hunters would fight their forces and once again put an end to their ambitions.


  • King Gobligan: Their charismatic leader, he is actually a human who taught the goblins to create magical weapons. He plans on exterminating the humans.
  • Bashinet: The son of King Gobligan, he controls a red android and is a recurring boss. He can attach itself into several different mecha bodies. Upon being defeated the last time, he returns on his wrecked body and attempts to kidnap King Caudwener.
  • Tsumujimaru: A former member of Miyamoto's ninja clan and his disciple, he killed his master and allied himself with the Gobligan Empire. Miyamoto's entire quest is to seek revenge on him.
  • Bul-Gin: Appearing only in Kingdom Grandprix, he wants to rebuild the Gobligan Empire after it's destruction. He pilots a flying tank along with other two goblins.



  • The Gobligan's symbolic emblem is loosely based on the Eye of Providence symbol. This is also shared by a theocratic alien cult known as the Legion of the Third Eye from the Justice League cartoon series with their own upside-down pyra
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