Goblin 2010

The Goblin

The Goblin is the titular antagonist of the SyFy horror movie of the same name Goblin and although named after the malicious sprites of folklore is a very different being, akin to a demon or evil spirit.

Appearing as an ethereal cloaked figure for the majority of the film its true form is a bestial humanoid with sharp fangs and claws, it is a particularly evil entity even by horror standards as it preys on children (including infants): who it traps in a limbo-like prison and feeds on their life-forces.

The Goblin was unleashed upon a small town by a witch as a curse due to past misdeeds, over the course of many years it snatched away the children of the townsfolk and caused much misery: eventually the witch that summoned the demon released how evil her curse was and tried to undo it, unfortunately she died before she could slay the demon.

However she left behind a magical spear that when pierced though the Goblin's heart would kill the monster, which is exactly how the demon ultimately met its demise when it was pursuing the female hero of the story - slaying her friends and family in the process: giving her time to tie the spear to the front of her car and use the vehicle as a ram by which to impale the Goblin to a nearby tree.

As the Goblin died the spirits of the children it had imprisoned flew out of its body and the monster itself proceeded to burst into flames and became little more than a pile of ashes.

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