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The Goblins are the eponymous antagonists of the light novel series Goblin Slayer, as well as its manga and 2018 anime adaptation. Goblins start off as small, green humanoids, but some could grow as large as an average sized man. This isn't always the case as some goblins remain child-sized.


The goblins tend to dwell on the frontier lands untouched by militaristic forces. The goblins have the tendency to attack villages and in great numbers, they can raze terror on the lands. As the goblins are a male-dominated species, they must depend on abducting females from multiple species and they forcefully impregnate them.

Even when children goblins can still sometimes be dangerous as Goblin Lord murdered a foolish adventurer when she let her guard down. Goblins can also rapidly accelerate to their adult states which further makes them harder to suppress.

Goblins tend to reside in caves and as a means of sustaining themselves, they resort to raiding settlements. One of the settlements that the goblins attacked resulted in the deaths of several innocents of which included the death of the sister of the boy who would become known as the Goblin Slayer. For whatever reason, goblins have a great hatred towards humanity, and one of their ongoing goals is the total eradication of mankind.


  • Hobgoblins
  • Shamans
  • Riders
  • Champions
  • Lords
  • Paladins


  • In spite of their notorious reputation, many adventurers (with exception of the titular protagonist and his companions) thought of goblins as insignificant pests that can be dealt easily that they tend to be sloppy whenever they dealing goblin threat. As a result, many rookies ended up either killed/raped by the goblins for underestimating these creatures or worse, sparing some goblin children where they eventually become major problem in the future.
    • Rookie adventurers are generally interested in these Goblin missions, is so they can quickly rise in rank.
  • The goblins in Goblin Slayer are easily one of the most vile depictions (if not the most vile) in modern media. They are mass murdering, hegemonic rapists who seek to wipe out all other races and use females of other species as breeding slaves. It is outright noted that most captured females don't survive long due to the constant rape and torture. Furthermore, it's stated that goblins deliberately target weak and helpless young girls, which makes them rather pedophilic in nature as well.
  • Oddly no adventurers have ever been known to adopt goblin babies; always choosing to simply leave them in their caves or kill them instead rather then attempting to raise a goblin to be good and/or study it.
    • Before Goblin Slayer kills them in the first episode, Priestess suggested the possibility of a "Good Goblin", but the silver-ranked adventurer assures her that "There might be if you looked hard enough, but the only good ones are the ones that never come out of their holes" (which implies that the idea itself is a complete waste of time and not worth looking into).
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