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Goby and Moray are the supposed main antagonists of the computer game Freddi Fish 4: The Case of the Hogfish Rustlers at Briny Gulch. Actually, they are believed to be the main antagonists at first, but it is really "Mr. Big", making them the secondary antagonists.

They are eels who have rustled Cousin Calico's hogfish in an attempt to be hogfish ranchers. They apparently had the Sheriff tied to a spinning wheel. They only allow rustlers in their hideout at which point they are supposed to eat an instruction note (that says so), but they haven't because of its taste. The rustler's outfit is supposed to be a ten-gallon hat that is either blue, orange, or pink, a bandana or bow tie, and a belt buckle with a particular letter. Throughout the game, they torture the hogfish and, if they have no success, call "Mr. Big" for help.

The two only allow Freddi (and, unknown to them, Luther) into their hideout when she (they, actually) dress(es) as a rustler, but when they find out, they try to weasel out by leaving, but the eels imprison Freddi and Luther; however, they manage to free themselves by removing cannon balls on top of the floor's door. When they free the hogfish, Goby and Moray beg them to come back.

Although they are punished, Goby, Moray, and whoever is "Mr. Big" work for Calico.

It is confirmed that Goby is voiced by William Dufrees and Moray is voiced by Mike Shapiro.