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That is not what I required. Your friend told you about Me.
~ God in response to a Muslim telling him that he was a good man during judgement.
Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the Devil and his angels.
~ God's catchphrase whenever he damns somebody to Hell.

God, also known as The Blank, is the overarching character in the Chick Tracts universe. He is essentially, in his mind, a good being. However, rather than the morally benevolent being that He was intended to be portrayed as, this version of God comes across as a fanatical extremist to punish people for minor offenses. For example simply playing Dungeons & Dragons or reading Harry Potter books is an immediate death sentence that could lead you to eternal hellfire.


God appears as a blank white figure clad in a robe sitting on a colossal white throne. His featureless appearance and expressionless face may be due to the fact that his true form is too much for normal humans to handle.


Though he is projected to be a benevolent and ultimately good being, this version of God comes across as a more emotionless and even sociopathic figure. He appears to only be concerned with whether people accept him as their savior, and not even if they've been good for their entire lives. While willing to forgive people of their sins during life, even if they include federal crimes, God will not forgive anyone after they've died and sees nothing wrong with sending people to Hell to suffer for eternity for minor and harmless offenses, such as telling a small lie. God's remorselessness even extends to his own followers who do not follow his religion all the way. In one of his most heinous actions, God condemned an elderly missionary couple to Hell for eternity because they had not preached fundamental Christianity to the natives of a South American country. Meanwhile, he sends a child rapist to Heaven simply because the said rapist accepted God as his savior without even bothering to give the guy any form of punishment.

Despite claiming to dislike sending people to Hell, God is very unreasonable and refuses to make the requirements for getting into Heaven more lenient. In fact this incarnation of God is the exact opposite of the all-loving Creator deity as seen by most faiths, instead He takes fashion after the "fire and brimstone" teachings of Fundamentalist sects and fanaticism, which has led many to mock the Chick Tracts as a series for its flawed take on Christianity and its almost parodying nature of fundamentalism (despite the fact it does not intend to be humorous).

Given the life in regards to the late Jack Chick, it is not too hard to believe that his version of God is basically the manifestation of his deep belief system.


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