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God is the central antagonist of the 2010 horror film Legion. According to Michael, the reason why God causes the apocalyptic events in the movie was because he has lost all faith in humanity and thus sends down his angels to possess weak-willed humans (which turned the possessed into black-eyed, shark toothed monsters) to wipe out humanity.

Events in Legion

The Archangel Michael rebels and fights against God's forces in order to protect the unborn child of a woman named Charlie destined to give birth to a Messianic figure. Michael believes God does not truly want this and merely needs his faith in humanity renewed. This was confirmed when Michael is killed by the Archangel Gabriel, but is resurrected by God to stop Gabriel from killing the new prophet. The revived Michael then claims that God has decided to give mankind a second chance.

God's actions left many views confused since the child being born was supposed to be God's plan and even hinted to may be the Second Coming of Jesus. Essentially, God either suddenly changed his plans only to change them back or He was going against himself. Logically, if God truly aware that the child was indeed his plan, this would be the logical reason why he resurrected Michael from start as his actions would be too far had he let Gabriel killed the child.

In Dominion

The Syfy series Dominion follows up 25 years after the film Legion. It is in some ways different from the film. In it, God did not order the attack on Earth. One day, God disappeared from Heaven. The Archangel Gabriel blamed a sinful humanity and rallied the lower ranks of angels to attack humanity. None of the archangels know where God went to or if he would approve the attack.