God is the villainous alter-ego of Marvel comic's supervillain, Master Man, during the events of Franklin Richard's Counter-Earth - formed after the defeat of Onslaught as part of Franklin's attempt to save reality, however it altered said reality in several ways.


for the most part Master Man was largely the same as his mainstream counterpart until he was exposed to large doses of gamma radiation and mutated into a new form, with his new form he gained a literal God Complex and believed himself to be the Jeudo-Christian "God", changing from a radical Nazi to a religious fanatic intent on becoming the sole deity of Earth and beyond.


as an enhanced version of Master Man "God" had superhuman strength, durability and regressed aging - after exposure to gamma radiation he gained the ability to channel large quantities of electricity, which he often channeled via an ornate hammer : he also had a massive cult following with superhuman agents and innumerable lesser "acolytes" by which to enforce his will.


Formerly a Nazi with a hatred for other races and having an obsession with Hitler's ideals he would undergo a complete change of personality upon being exposed to gamma radiation and saw himself as an angry "God" who was destined to conquer and rule over the Earth as its sole deity, taking elements of the Old Testament "God" (easy to anger, demanding of worship and so forth) while mixing them with religious fanaticism based on his own ego: as a being that sought complete and sole worship he had no qualms about enforcing his will via violence and surrounded himself with many henchmen by which to further fuel his delusions of godhood.


  • "God" is very similar to the DC Comics villain, Maxie Zeus - to the point they are likely inspired by each other to some degree.
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