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Give me the f**kin' sweater becaue I'm f**kin' God. Give it to me.
~ God forcing Ben House and Lindsey Lewis to give him a sweater.
I am The Lord!
~ God while fighting and beating up Earl Gundy.

God is a powerful One True God of Abrahamic religions but with an attitude of a spoiled brat and an important minor character in the 2013 supernatural, apocalyptic fantasy/comedy movie Rapture-Palooza (also known as Ecstasy).

He was portrayed by Ken Jeong.

It all began with the Rapture when the blessed who are alive, were taken to Heaven and God unleashes a series of catastrophes upon the modern day Earth such as destructive meteor showers and even tormenting, talking locusts. While most of these unearthly disasters were predicted, other more unforeseen and unusual horrors appeared, such as the sky raining blood, undead wraiths and foul-mouthed, talking crows.

God came from the heavens and appeared in his human-like true form as an elegant, well-dressed, Korean man in a white tuxedo forced. He then himself to fights "The Beast" in the end after His son, Jesus Christ along with his white horse were ironically blasted and killed by The Beast's secret weapon used by Ben House and his girlfriend Lindsey Lewis who accidently killed his son, and God blamed them for His son's death and berates them before knocked out by Earl Gundy who returned as The Devil after his death at the hands of both Ben and Lindsey. He then fights him in hand-to-hand combat and they died of electrocution in the jacuzzi they fell in when Earl Gundy unknowingly pulls his stereo box in while attempted to leave, and the rest of the universe including Earth returned to normal after the final battle between God and Satan.


Part 1

Idiots! What have you done?!
~ God to Ben House and Lindsey Lewis.

Answer me!
~ God

You barbecued my son.
~ God blaming both Lindsey Lewis and Ben House for the death of Jesus Christ.

Do you two have any idea what you have done here?
~ God to Ben House and Lindsey Lewis.

There was a plan. A rather detailed and specific plan involving the final chapter of all human existence! Do you understand that that plan is completely ruined?!
~ God to Ben House and Lindsey Lewis about his failed divine plan involving the apocalypse and the fate of all mankind.

Ding! It's all I needed to hear. You're sorry. I forgive you. It's kind of what I do. It's all good.
~ God

We will just start over. It's no big deal. It's not like I spent a lot of time on this. Only 4,000 f--king years!
~ God

You proud of yourselves? You pathetic little s--ts.
~ God

What did you say, whore?
~ God

You're a d--k! You're like a bug to me!
~ God to Lindsey Lewis.

"You made her, so..."
~ God mocking Ben House.

You talk exactly like that, Ben! That is how I made you!
~ God to Ben House.

You sound exactly like that.
~ God to Ben House.

Give me that sweater.
~ God demanding Ben House to give Him his sweater.

I want a sweater!
~ God

You actually expect me to fall for that trick?
~ God

"It's not a trick." You're so stupid.
~ God mocking Ben House before being knocked out by the resurrected Earl Gundy.

Argh! Oh! Earl! What the f--k, man!
~ God after being knocked out by the revived Earl Gundy.

This isn't about you, Earl. Okay?
~ God to Satan (Earl Gundy).

Okay, let me smite these f--kers down and then we can talk. Alright?
~ God to Earl Gundy.

Part 2

What the f--k did you say?
~ God

You want to go, Fat Prince?
~ God to Earl Gundy.

It's on.
~ God before fighting The Beast (Earl Gundy).

Come on, bitch.
~ God

You want some? Happy Meal? Happy Meal...
~ God to Earl Gundy.

Not me, you little fucker!
~ God to one of the tormenting Locusts during his battle with The Beast.

I'm gonna f--k you up.
~ God

F--k you, Earl!
~ God to Earl Gundy.

You are a terrible father!
~ God to Earl Gundy.

Touche! Earl...!
~ God's last word to Earl Gundy before they both electrocuted themselves and died in the end.
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