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Villain Overview

Fine! That's the way you want it? Story's over. Welcome to the end.
~ Chuck at the end of season 14, before bringing the end of reality.
God: Look, I get it. You wanted him to care about you, but humans... they'll break your heart every time. I spent so long searching for happiness, contentedness. In creation or the Winchesters. But the only ones who will ever really get us... is us. You and me. Back together?
Amara: Balance.
God: Yes. Think of it: Us starting fresh, creating something new, something beautiful... peaceful... together. And we can finally forget about all this pain. No baggage, only balance.
~ God convinces the Darkness to merge with him, bringing him to full power.

God, also mostly known by his alias Chuck Shurley, is the overarching antagonist of the Supernatural franchise.

He appears as a recurring character in Season 4-5, a cameo character in Season 10, a major character in Season 11, the final antagonist of Season 14, and the main antagonist of Season 15, which is also the series' final season.

Unlike the original version, which was rather benevolent, this version is a big egotist, creating the universes, the archangels, the angels, Earth, the other planets, and humans just to boost his own ego rather than for goodness. He is the arch-nemesis of Sam and Dean Winchester.

He was portrayed by Rob Benedict, who also played Vincent Le Mec in Lucifer.


He is the creator of the universe and everything in it, including archangels, angels, earth and other planets, the human race, and many other creatures. Many years prior to the series' events, he left heaven out of shame of his creations and began living on earth under the identity of Chuck Shurley. Whilst never directly intervening in many of the show's events, he did indirectly aid the Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean, during seasons 4-5 whilst they tried to avert the apocalypse. In season 11, Chuck revealed himself as God and finally began aiding the brothers in trying to stop God's sister, the Darkness from destroying the planet and the rest of reality. He returns in the season 14 finale in which he reveals his darker nature and his role as the overarching antagonist and plans to bring about the end of the world and his story of the Winchesters due to them defying him. He takes on the role of the main antagonist of the fifteenth and final season of the show, as he puts a plan into motion to end the Winchesters once and for all.

Former Powers and Abilities

  • Nigh Omnipotence: As God, Chuck was incalculably powerful, only surpassed in power by his older sister Amara, who he was able to defeat with help from his Archangels. and despite Death being stated to be comparable to him in power, he was capable of forcing him in his coffin and Billie as the new Death appeared to fear what would happen if God found out what she was planning, suggesting he is even more powerful than Death. Chuck is also confirmed to be more powerful than the Shadow, a cosmic entity with vast power, as he can exert a certain amount of control over the Empty, being the only one apart from Billie as Death is seen capable of resurrecting supernatural beings from its domain, which he managed to accomplish even after he was left weakened to resurrect Lilith. He is far more powerful than even the Archangels, as Castiel noted that God is capable of killing Lucifer without needing to devastate the Earth and later on displayed his superior power by effortlessly rendering Lucifer powerless without him even noticing and killing Michael with effortless ease. Death noted that even with all the Souls in Purgatory inside Castiel, he is still not God and Metatron, later on, said the god-like powers he gained from being connected to the Angel Tablet was merely a poor attempt to imitate God. Among the most powerful displays of God's power was his ability to single-handedly massacre or trap even the most powerful beings in creation, as he confined the Leviathans in Purgatory and the Shedim in Hell and wiped out the Nephilim from the Earth. God was also shown to be easily capable of killing Jack at his former level with just a snap of his fingers and even with Jack getting stronger, he still had to hide from his grandfather as he could still easily kill him again and in order to kill God, Jack had to turn himself into a bomb. Even in a weakened state, God retains an enormous amount of power, being able to cause the second apocalypse. His greatest feat of power was creating all planes and living beings in existence, such as the Universe, Hell, Heaven, Purgatory, and countless alternate realities, although Metatron stated that God may have single-handedly accomplished that, he needed to put in a considerable amount of effort and couldn't have done it so easily as snapping his fingers, and he also proved capable of destroying the alternate universes he created without even being in the same area easily, only needing to be there for the more complex realities. However, God was eventually surpassed by Jack after he had absorbed the power of Lucifer and Michael's battle and God's murder of Michael and battle with the Winchesters, incapable of killing or even stopping him, and he was subsequently drained of all his power, leaving Chuck a powerless mortal.
    • Power Granting/Power Augmentation and Conversion: God can increase the power of angels and transform them into a higher angel, as he gave Castiel greater powers and the status of Seraphim after resurrecting him and also bestowed upon Metatron unique powers as his Scribe and was stated to be capable of restoring his angelic status and powers, which God confirmed he could but refused to do. God is even able to give himself new abilities, as he gave himself the ability to speak French and play guitar, and empower mundane objects with extreme power, turning them into Hands of God so strong even an archangel is vulnerable to them.
    • Power Negation: God effortlessly negated Lucifer's powers without him even noticing, preventing him from obliterating Sam and Dean. Likewise, he was able to turn off an amulet that is supposed to turn bright in his presence.
    • Supernatural Concealment: God is capable of hiding himself from any being he wishes. His concealment is so powerful that even Death and Amara cannot find him willingly. He was able to conceal his divinity while masquerading as Chuck from the angels, even those who had seen him.
    • Sealing and imprisonment: God is phenomenally skilled in the art of sealing, capable of developing incompressibly powerful seals and prisons that can not only completely block powerful entities in the local dimensions, preventing them from leaving, but also remain fully intact and available to use even after a passage was opened to allow the imprisoned being to escape. Thus, Chuck created the massively powerful Lucifer Cage, which he enchanted with 666 Seals and rigged it so that specific 66 of the seals are a must to be broken, that not only held Lucifer for countless years at bay, but was also able to bind both Lucifer and Michael, even after it was damaged by the release of the Darkness, it still firmly held Lucifer and Michael, as Lucifer could only escape when summoned and he is only able to influence events lightly, trapped Lilith deeply in Hell along with the full horde of demons, which could only be opened should the Devil Gate be unlocked, and created a sealed pocket of Hell capable of containing the Shedim that even the most powerful of demons such as Asmodeus could not breach and required the nigh-omnipotence of Jack to unlock, which required absolute focus from the Nephilim as well as locked the leviathans in purgatory. God's most powerful feat of sealing was that he was able to develop the extremely powerful primordial entity capture spell, binding his sister to a mystical seal, which he placed on the archangel Lucifer, which was so potent that Amara could not break free of her own power. He was also known to have linked Death to his underground coffin for thousands of years.
    • Biokinesis: God is capable of manipulating to an incredible level the life forces and energies of others as well as physical bodies, as he was able to cure Sam of his demon blood addiction and cure an entire town of Rabid infection without even being present. He was also able to mute Eileen by snapping his fingers.
    • Healing: God's healing powers are capable of effortlessly healing even the most severe and corruptive of injuries and also resurrecting entire towns and even any Angels, as he healed Sam of his Demon Blood powers while not being in the same place, effortlessly healed Lucifer's extensive wounds from his torture at Amara's hands and healed Sam's wound from Eileen's torture with just a wave of his hand.
    • Resurrection: God's resurrection powers are capable of bringing back supernatural beings, a feat that no other being but those with the power of Death can achieve. He resurrected Castiel repeatedly despite him being destroyed. Resurrecting humans appear to be of no trouble for God, as he brought back an entire city by just willing it. However, while capable of resurrecting Archangels, it would take time, hence he chose not to resurrect Raphael and Gabriel as they are the stuff of Primordial Creation. Even in his weakened state, God remains capable of resurrecting supernatural beings, as he resurrected Lilith, and has shown the ability to adapt similar properties to Death's resurrection powers, unleashing zombies upon Earth.
    • Teleportation/Apporting: God can teleport anywhere in a dazzling white light. Due to his extreme power, God can access even the most heavily secured places, as he was able to access the Bunker with ease and is capable of accessing even Lucifer's Cage, as he stated that he would have brought Michael to fight Amara had he not been in any condition to fight. He is even able to travel to other universes across the multiverse, as he accessed Earth-2 on his own, a feat that no one can do without a rift opening ritual. Likewise, God can teleport anyone he wants without even being present or needing to touch them, a feat that no one except Amara was able to do, as he teleported Sam and Dean away from Lucifer's presence into an airplane and later on snapped his fingers to teleport Sam and Dean again to the Bunker. God also effortlessly summoned the Impala from the Darkness to the Bunker, saving everyone inside, sending Sam and Dean away while also flinging them to sofas with a wave of his hand, and even in his dying state, he only had to snap his fingers to apport Sam, Dean, Castiel, Rowena and Crowley to the Bunker and sent Dean to Amara. God was later able to apport Becky and her family to places unknown with just a wave of his hand.
    • Soul Control: As the creator of souls, God is capable of controlling them with effortless ease, to the point of being able to control the destination of a deceased person's soul and allow humans who had fallen to Hell to enter Heaven as he was the one who admitted Sam and Dean into Heaven (as revealed by Joshua) after they were killed by Roy and Walt and allowed John and Bobby to enter Heaven after they escaped Hell. God can do the opposite and send righteous souls to Hell, as he was later able to summon the ghost of Kevin Tran to him without visible effort and with a wave of his hand, cast Kevin into Hell. Lore states that he can restore souls that are completely gone, but God claims this is untrue, although he may have been meaning that he cannot restore a Nephilim's soul as they are doubtlessly far more complicated than humans or he may have just been lying as he wanted Jack dead, as it was later revealed that the Garden of Eden could restore Jack's soul, meaning God can most likely do it as well.
    • Reality Warping: With his nearly unlimited powers, God is capable of shaping and manipulating reality itself to his will to an extraordinary level. God was able to bestow upon Sam and Dean tremendous luck that allowed them to perform so well and take it away when they turned against him. With just a snap of his fingers, he was able to neutralize Jack's command over the world to not lie and even outright make the riot that occurred never happen. God was even able to open all the gates of hell, including Lucifer's Cage, and tear a rupture from Hell to Earth. God was also able to make himself win in a slot game every turn and could alter the tv shows of Radio shed of Earth-2 to show alternate realities. He could destroy multiple universes with little effort, though stated some of them were complex in destroying.
      • Creation of Sentient Life/Objects/Realms: The greatest of God's powers is his profound ability to create things out of nothing, even able to create worlds and beings. He created Archangels, with whom he defeated the Darkness, Leviathans, Hellhounds, Deities, Angels, who would admit until Jack, only God could create more of them, Humans and the Soul itself, as well Heaven, Purgatory, Earth, and countless other Galaxies and the universe itself. Prior to the creation of the current universe, God created other worlds, but Amara destroyed them all. However, Metatron stated that while holding the power needed to create everything on his own, God could not have done it with a snap of his fingers, implying it required a considerable amount of power. God was also able to create the immensely powerful Equalizer gun capable of not only killing Jack but even himself, with a shoulder shot alone able to weaken and wound him. He also created a vessel for Lucifer to inhabit after resurrecting him.
      • Elemental Control: God is capable of manipulating the elements to an extraordinary degree, as he created massive weather and elemental phenomena to wipe out worlds without even being in the same dimension and just having to see it to destroy them.
    • Control over Electronic Devices: God was able to turn on the tv in his bar to show Metatron what Amara is doing.
    • Shapeshifting: God is capable of taking any form he wishes, changing between his Chuck persona, his true luminous form, and a bright smoke form at will, and has proven able to seamlessly shapeshift into other beings in a manner similar to Asmodeus, taking on the appearance of a hunter to trick Eileen Leahy and then shifting back once Sam and Eileen had fallen into his trap.
    • Smiting: With just a snap of his fingers, God smote Jack and later on even in his weakened state smote Amara's masseuse. He also was able to easily smite Michael but his smiting failed to affect Jack as he had become too powerful.
    • Telepathy: God can read the minds and thoughts of others even without being in the same presence, as he wrote each and every thought Sam and Dean had in their adventures to write them and could identify Sam was so defiant because he believed he, Dean, and Castiel would succeed in trapping him. God is also shown to be able to control other beings, as he easily mind-controlled Eileen into torturing Sam, cleaning herself, and later on, fighting Dean and even while locked in a mark, was able to influence Castiel into going mad.
    • Chronokinesis: God has shown considerably advanced chronokinetic powers that easily exceed that of any angels, as he was able to travel to the alternate future that Zachariah sent Dean to. He created a magical pocket watch that allowed Sam to travel through time to see his future and was able to travel to the same time as well to communicate with him.
  • Immortality: God, as being one of the first entities to exist, was immortal and almost impossible to kill. However, Death and Michael stated he can die, and Amara had the power to kill him. Jack could kill God by transforming himself into a bomb that would destroy him. However, like all his powers, his immortality was stripped from him by Jack, making him human and thus he will age, grow old, get sick and eventually die.
  • Nigh-Omniscience/Universal Awareness/Precognition: Existing for eons, God possesses great understanding about the universe he made and is capable of tremendous universal awareness and seeing the future with tremendous clarity unrivalled that vastly exceeds the Archangels. Metatron said that God sees and hears everything that happens on Earth. Without being even close, he was able to sense and write everything that Sam and Dean experienced, even knowing that Lucifer possessing Sam would lead to his and Michael's downfall, whereas neither archangel foresaw that. He is even able to see the future of his fellow Primordials, as one of his books displayed knowledge that Dean would talk to Death and that Death would give him his ring and it is possible he already knew how the war with Amara would have ended, mostly, in his favor. He even knows what people are thinking, proven by the fact that he wrote in one of the books that Sam thought Dean was a dick when they were doing clothes at the laundry mat, and Sam admitted this. His awareness is also proven by his ability to easily locate Jack whereas even Lucifer and all of Hell's resources could not and Jack noted despite that being able to stay hidden after his resurrection, using his powers will immediately alert God to the fact. God later revealed that he was aware that Jack had been resurrected and what he was doing to gain the power to kill him. The only known being with the power to hide from God is the more powerful Amara. He does, however, have limits to his awareness and knowledge: He freely admits that he has done things he considered stupid and naive, couldn't come up with nacho cheese and had to learn how to speak French and play guitar instead of naturally knowing them. Likewise, God also doesn't know about how he will die, which is written in one of Death's Library books and Billie stated that he can't read it unless she lets him, which God himself even confirmed, stating that he truly can't read the book despite knowing that Jack will be turned into a bomb to kill him. His not-fully unlimited omniscience ultimately leads to his downfall where he wasn't aware of Jack being a power vacuum that absorbed not only the power of Lucifer and Michael's fight but also his murder of Michael and beatdown of the Winchesters, leading to Jack soon becoming strong enough to defeat and strip God of his power. As of now, while he may retain all the knowledge and understanding he had, with all his powers, his cosmic senses and ability to see the future are stripped from him, leaving him for the first time unable to predict the future.
  • Intellectual Genius: With eons worth of intellectual experience and wisdom, God is extraordinarily intelligent. He is a phenomenally accomplished strategist, leader, manipulator and deceiver, with Lucifer himself acknowledging God's cunning as a master strategist. He was able to lead the Archangels to outsmart his sister Amara to seal her away and would lead Heaven for many years with incredible efficiency that Metatron later stated was above Michael's staunch leadership before eventually abandoning them. While disguised as Chuck Shurley, God was able to not only put up a convincing facade of being a meek and normal prophet that fooled all, including the Winchesters, Castiel, and even the archangel Raphael who personally knew him but was also able to discreetly manipulate events to pit the Winchesters against various conflicts for his amusement completely unnoticed and help them win. He set the path for the Winchesters to defeat Lucifer and Michael and avert the Apocalypse without compromising his disguise and managed to completely go off the trail while still publishing books, convincing the angels that "Chuck Shurley" was dead as well as hide himself from Amara using a personally created safe-place to make Amara unable to find him. After revealing himself to the Winchesters and aiding them against his sister, God led a nearly successful attempt to reimprison Amara, personally coordinating the order of fighters who would go first, only failing at the last moment. He later managed to completely deceive and manipulate Dean into nearly killing Jack by exploiting Dean's rage towards Jack for murdering Mary, even nearly tempting Dean into doing it anyway despite Sam revealing his true colors by promising to resurrect Mary before ultimately failing. After finally revealing his true colors and going against the Winchesters, God, despite being diminished from Sam's unexpected shot at him, was able to set the path to him regaining his full powers by first allowing Sam to resurrect Eileen to be able to spy on them and then luring Sam and Eileen to a trap and ultimately convincing Sam into losing hope by revealing the dark future that supposedly would take place even if they won. He also came up with another intricate plan to make the Winchesters kill each other by staging Jack's sacrifice, which while ultimately failing was only because Sam realized the true plans of Billie and not because he, Dean, or Castiel were able to figure out God's plans, remaining oblivious until the end, manipulating Dean to the point where Dean was willing to sacrifice everything just to defeat him and nearly killed Sam. However, while capable of masterfully calculating and manipulating events to his wishes with both his omniscience and tactical ability, God's arrogance and superiority complex prevented him from being able to account for the emotional responses of others in his plans, resulting in him underestimating the resolve and intellect of the Winchesters, which not only lead to his failure of having Sam and Dean kill each other but ultimately lead to the Winchesters completely outsmarting God by purposefully letting Michael warn God for God to kill him and beat them up so Jack could surpass and drain God of all his power, which God couldn't even fathom and admitted that he never believed there would be an ending where he lost.
  • Skilled Hand-To-Hand Combatant: Though he rarely fights, as he personally does not like to get his hands dirty, God has shown some skill in hand-to-hand combat. He was able to effortlessly beat Sam and Dean to a bloody pulp each, breaking Sam's arm and Dean's leg and landing several well-coordinated attacks. However, he was primarily using his Super Strength to beat them, and neither Sam nor Dean were fighting at their best, as they wanted God to beat them.


  • Magic: In God's weakened state, he can be locked in with the same spell he used to arrest the Darkness and he openly admits that it would work on him in his weakened state, which is further demonstrated by how, in the alternative future, God showed Sam, Sam, Dean, and Cass successfully locked it with Castiel carrying the Mark. However, since God was in full power, he was able to harmlessly destroy the spell.
  • The Equalizer: The Equalizer can harm God with multidimensional energy. A shot in the shoulder left him in a diminished state and also connected him to Sam. This prevented him from leaving Earth and despite retaining a tremendous amount of power, Amara scoffed that God could only do things that would be parlor tricks to her. God even indicates that he was weak enough to be vulnerable to sufficiently large amounts of beverages, as he stated that he wanted something stronger after shrugging off drinking Becky's apple juice and even commented that anything too strong could make him go wild. While still able to see the future, his omniscience also seems to have been weakened to a certain extent, as God stated that he could no longer see Sam and Dean and he even resurrected Eileen as otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to keep an eye on them. It wasn't until he made his sniper, Sam, lose any hope that he was able to heal and return to full power. It is never made clear if it really can kill God.
  • Mandatory Existence: Because God is the opposite of his opposite polar sister, Amara. If darkness ceased to exist, then God would also follow not far behind. Everything that God has already created, such as objects, places, and beings-all of them will also cease to exist with their creator.
  • The Darkness: His twin sister being the only being in existence who is more powerful than him, even with help from the Archangels, God was barely able to defeat Amara. Lucifer stated that Amara would defeat God and God stated that Amara could bind him if he surrendered to her. Indeed, even while Amara was weakened, God was not able to defeat Amara and he was overpowered and left mortally wounded by his sister's tendrils of darkness piercing his being, which would have eventually killed him had Amara note healed him herself. Likewise, Amara commented that God, both at full power and while weakened by the Equalizer, would not be able to force her to do anything and she could teleport him around against his will and prevent him from teleporting.
  • Jack Kline: Being the Nephilim son of Lucifer and far more powerful than Archangels, Jack's power was growing to the point where God feared that he would become more powerful than even himself to the point where he did not hesitate to admit this fear to Sam about his potential and his fear of Jack even trumped his desire to continue manipulating Sam and Dean, opting to ditch his caring facade to kill Jack himself while he still could. After being resurrected, Jack confirmed that God fears him and with the means provided by Billie to unlock his full potential, he could kill God. This was later confirmed because Billie stated in God's book about his death Jack will ultimately be the one to kill him. Jack later reveals that Billie's spells and rituals have turned him into a bomb capable of truly killing both Chuck and Amara, although at the cost of Jack's own life. Despite the bomb ultimately being used on the Shadow instead, Billie noted after reading Chuck's Death Book that Jack is still powerful enough to be useful against God, indicating that even though Jack is no longer a bomb capable of ending God and Amara, he is still a threat to God. With Jack now as a power vacuum, he was able to absorb the power of the fight between Michael and Lucifer, God's murder of Michael and beatdown of the Winchesters to not only regain his powers but also become dramatically more powerful to the point where he not only was immune to God's smiting, but he outright surpassed God's might and was able to easily overpower and strip God of his divine power with no possibility of it ever returning to him.
  • Mortality: Now that God is stripped of his powers, he became completely mortal, rendering him vulnerable to death by human means and old age.
  • Limited Omniscience/Arrogance and Superiority Complex: Perhaps God's greatest weakness is his arrogance and superiority complex. His belief that everything will go his way just because he can see the future has led him to make mistakes that were a slow but eventual countdown to his ultimate defeat. His refusal to just kill Jack while he could and instead have Sam and Dean do it for him led to him exposing himself and despite later on managing to easily gain the upper hand over the Winchesters by manipulating events and using Jack's ability to become a bomb against them, which failed as Sam was already aware of God's nature despite nearly succeeding. Arrogantly stating his belief that he could not be killed due to being omniscient and controlling space and time, his inability to understand that his ability to see the future has limits lead to him being unaware or even suspecting that Jack had become a power vacuum after surviving his explosion and thus his final actions, resurrecting Lucifer and later killing Michael as well as beating the Winchesters subsequently leads to his complete defeat as he didn't even anticipate and was easily baited into doing all that just to satisfy his desire to show his superiority and his rage, allowing Jack to become more powerful than God and easily defeat and absorb all of God's power.

Kill Count

  • Hellhound - It was mentioned that he was responsible for wiping out all but one of the hellhounds.
  • Multiple Nephilim - It was mentioned that God has been responsible for the deaths of multiple Nephilim.
  • Jack - Smote to prevent him from becoming a threat later resurrected by Billie.
  • Unnamed Masseuse - Killed when God wanted to speak with his sister Amara.
  • Multiple people at a casino.
  • An undisclosed number of beings across the multiverse.
  • The population of Earth - Erased from existence; restored by Jack.
    • Stevie
    • Eileen Leahy
    • Jules
    • Alternate Charlie
    • Alternate Bobby
    • Donna Hanscum
  • Miracle - Sadistically erased from existence after discovering the dog's survival; restored by Jack.
  • Michael - Obliterated for his earlier betrayal.


  • When Chuck appeared during seasons 4 and 5, it was often speculated that he was God although it was not confirmed. In the season 5 finale, he was seen disappearing into thin air, causing further speculation that he was God. Upon his return in season 11, it was finally confirmed that he was God.
    • His status as God and His vile nature were hinted towards Him in His first appearance when the Winchesters confront him as "Chuck", who had been writing the Supernatural book series that detailed everything that happened to the Winchesters by then. He surmises that He's a "cruel, cruel, capricious god" for having put the brothers through so much trouble, toying with their lives for His entertainment, which is exactly what He'd been doing all along, unbeknownst to the brothers.
  • With His darker side shown at the end of season 14, He was revealed to have orchestrated most of the events in the series to keep the Winchesters' story going for his amusement.
  • Chuck/God fills in a meta role representing the producers and writers of the Supernatural series, with His continuing torment of the brothers being kept up for many years for His entertainment similar to how the writers of the show have continued the series going for the benefit of the viewing audience. It is also fitting that God was planning the endgame of the Winchester brothers during season 15, seeing as it has been confirmed as the final season. Chuck may have been an author avatar for the original show creator Eric Kripke.
  • Since revealing himself as the villain, God has gone on to clock up the highest number of deaths, outranking every other villain. This comes into full effect midway through season 15 when He begins destroying all of His other universes He has created, resulting in the destruction of billions upon trillions of lives.
  • God's fate can be considered the most iconic and epic form of revenge in the series: As God has prided Himself for always being able to manipulate events and have His way with the Winchesters, the fact that the Winchesters not only outsmarted Him completely but also stripped Him of His powers and decided His fate can be said to be extremely poetic: Instead of being killed in revenge by the Winchesters, the Winchesters decided that Chuck will live the life of a mortal in despair, forgotten and alone, as they knew that God had come to despise humanity and saw that God has to now live the same way as His once greatest creation did as being the most condemning punishment. The Winchesters even point out that God preferred dying after he became mortal and thus decided to settle with letting Him live a life of suffering as he gets sick, has to try to afford a living, and ultimately His existence will end in a mundane way as a mortal, which God Himself knows as He begged the Winchesters for mercy only to be cruelly left to accept His fate just like He left the Winchesters to the fate he decided for them mercilessly.
  • God/Chuck could be seen as an evil counterpart to Sam and Dean's father John Winchester. Dean, like Michael, would always follow their father's orders without question, although over time, Dean began to think for himself and defied his father, and stopped living in fear of him. But unlike Chuck, John still dearly loved his sons and was proud of them, and showed remorse at what life he had involved them in to achieve his goals. Plus unlike Chuck, John had reasons for what he had done (as he wanted to kill Azazel) despite the emotional impact it had on his sons, whereas Chuck only did the things He did for the sake of His stories and personal amusement.
  • With Jack becoming God, it is unknown if he restored the multiverse and resurrected those killed by God.

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