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God is a minor character from the animated series Tripping the Rift.


In God is our Pilot, Chode and Gus travel back to the beginning of time. Their ship accidentally collides with God and kills Him. But when they return to their own time, they discover that they've actually made things better since without him, there's no concept of good and evil since he did not make the Devil, and everyone is basically decent towards each other; there's no crime or war or sexual repression.

Everything is going pretty well until Chode and Gus let the cat out of the bag and introduce the concept of sin to the universe, sending it into chaos. They travel back in time to set things right but get killed themselves by their past selves' ship, God then happily walks away from the squashed idiot duo, but as time has been altered, their past selves are still very much alive and presumably return to their own time.

In the episode titled Santa Clownza, he went to a planet that had recently been made war-torn and corrupted by Chode and Darph Bobo, and he tried to restore peace to it in exchange for worship, but instead they rudely tell him to leave which he complies with, but then one of the citizens throws garbage at him as he was leaving, thus he unleashed a plague of locusts upon the city for their rudeness.

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