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The God Hand are the main antagonistic faction of the manga and anime Berserk and are a powerful quintet of reality-warping angels (or demons), each corresponding to a finger or thumb, directly below the Idea of Evil in power and authority. All of them were originally humans who were chosen by the Idea of Evil to serve its purpose of giving reason for humanity's suffering. They each possessed and used a crimson behelit (known as the Egg of the King) in order to transcend their humanity. It is unknown whether there are five crimson behelits or whether the same one came to each of them in turn.


The origins of the God Hand are mysterious and unknown, but its members are known to have once been human before using a crimson behelit during a solar eclipse that occurs once every 216 years. Once they do this, they transcend their current status and are reborn as demonic angels and emissaries of the Idea of Evil. In order to do this however, they must offer a sacrifice of their loved ones, with the power in the abyss where their souls will go to fashion a new form.

Since then, the God Hand has served as overseers of humanity and have shaped many events of human history while also recruiting new members into the organization and gaining servants in humans who become apostles, having an absolute ruling over them. Guts, the main protagonist of the series, first saw the God Hand when they allowed Griffith to join them and had him reborn as Femto in exchange for all of the Band of the Hawk members to be sacrificed for his rebirth.  




  • Most of the God Hand's names seem to be inspired by science-fiction novels. It is also worth noting that the design of the God Hand characters show similarity to Cenobites from Hellraiser movie series, based on Clive Barker's "The Hellbound Heart" novella.
  • Despite their power, the God Hand cannot completely predict the flow of causality. Slan herself has admitted "[they] are not God himself".
    • They are also not invincible. Guts's Dragonslayer was able to destroy Slan's physical form and it's confirmed that it's demonic blood is such any supernatural creature can be harmed by it, though whether or not it can actually kill them is unlikely. It's also strongly indicated the Skull Knight may somehow possess the ability to kill the God Hand: It's implied that he is the one who slayed the 4 original members of the God Hand or at least had a part in it, and he is the only being thus far who actively threatens the God Hand and is confident that he can kill them and the fact that both Void and Feemto, when attacked by the Skull Knight, defend themselves from the Skull Knight's attack instead of just taking the attack head-on indicates he may have in fact been able to damage or perhaps even slay them.
  • As the name implies they are servants of a god (also known as the Idea of Evil).
  • It is strongly implied that there's at least one cult devoted to Slan, whom the cultists know as the "Goddess of Flame".
    • Similarly, there are two stories that might have to do with them, those of the fall of the legendary warlord-turned-emperor named Gaiseric (who lost his entire kingdom to "four or five angels" in a single night) and that of an imprisoned sage whose laments summoned an angel to punish Gaiseric for his sins.


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