God Neros is the main antagonist of Choujinki Metalder.

He is a leader of the Neros Empire.


During the Second World War as a technical major in the Japanese Imperial Army, Kunio Muraki assisted Dr. Koga in development of the Superhuman Machine project. Like many japanese officials at the end of the war, Muraki was convicted of using Koga's research on prisoners of war and sentenced to be executed in Singapore. However, Muraki managed to fake his death by bribing prison officials and went into hiding in America where he joined various criminal syndicates and eventually killed their leaders off. Having altered himself into a cyborg, Muraki underwent plastic surgery to alter his appearance, creating the youthful guise of Gozo Kirihara and presents himself as philanthropist at the head of an international financial empire within Tokyo's Shinjiku district. However, Kirihara Konzern is a front for the Neros Empire with God Neros meeting his forces at the Ghost Bank to enact their scheme to rule the world through the arms market.

Upon learning that Koga learned of his survival and intends to activate Metalder to stop him, God Neros sent his forces to kill him. However, they were too late and Metalder became a threat to God Neros's plan since. Things worsen when members of his organization, such as the android Topgunder, turn on him and leave the Neros Empire. Eventually, using his cyborg body double Coolgin to faking his death by setting the Ghost Bank to self-destruct and killing Topgunder. God Neros is later killed when Metalder decapitates him with his Laser Arm chop.

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