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The older one would spend his days creating water, plants, wildlife. At night, his brother would wake to see all the things the elder had made and become disgusted. To counteract his brother's creations, the God of Darkness brought drought, fire, famine, all he could do to rid Remnant of life.
~ Qrow Branwen about the God of Darkness.
I have done what I please, brother. You may bask in the powers of creation, but you do not own them.
~ God of Darkness to God of Light.

The God of Darkness is the overarching antagonist of the American animated webseries RWBY, and by extension, its manga adaptation/prequel, comic book series, and video game. He is the cause of darkness and destruction in the world of Remnant, and one of the creators of humanity with his brother, the God of Light. He and his brother also responsible for creating Salem and causing her destructive tendencies throughout the series.

He is voiced by Bruce DuBose.


In the beginning, before the world was known as Remnant, there existed two deities: a pair of brothers. The older brother was the God of Light, and the younger was the God of Darkness. The older brother took great pleasure in creating forces of life, light, and prosperity in the world. The younger brother hated these creations and would create forces of destruction, death, and darkness to remove his brother's creations from the world. However, life always prospered.

In an extreme attempt to finally rid the world of life, the God of Darkness created the Creatures of Grimm to help him destroy everything that the God of Light had made. After the Grimm were created, the God of Light decided that their feud would continue no further. He defeated his brother, then proposed that they make one final creation together, one that share their ideals and views. The God of Darkness agreed, and together they made humanity, which was capable of both creation and destruction. They also gave humanity the ability to choose, and the ability to gain the knowledge to make the choices.

The gods existed on the world, granting them the abilities of choice, creation, knowledge, and destruction, as well as the ability to control magic. However, one day, he is visited by a human named Salem, who pleads with him to bring back her deceased love. He agrees, though the God of Light intervenes. The God of Light reveals that she came to him first, leading the God of Darkness to realize that Salem did not come to him out of respect/worship. The two then curse Salem with immortality, hoping it will teach her a lesson as to the importance of death. Salem, however, uses her immortality to rise up a human revolution against the gods, which attacks them in the God of Light's domain. The God of Darkness is disgusted by the fact that humans try to use destruction against him, and wipes out everyone in the world except Salem. He and the God of Light then abandon the world as a "Remnant" of what it once was, shattering the moon as they depart.

However, the God of Light offers Salem's deceased lover Ozma the chance to reunite humanity as a force of good, where he would then bring together the relics of the gods to summon them and have them pass judgement. If unity and balance were restored, the gods would live among humanity again and grant their gifts again. If not, the God of Darkness would wipe the world clean again.

Ozma returned to Remnant to try and start a new life with Salem, but even after having a family with her, saw she was too dark and twisted to control anymore. He abandoned her, though every time he dies, his soul moves into a like-minded individual, and he eventually takes control of them, gaining their thoughts and abilities while also remembering his past memories, unable to rest until Salem is destroyed. Salem, however, desired to divide humanity, then gather the relics to summon the gods again, having them wipe the world clean again.


The God of Darkness is extremely powerful in nature. He is a wrathful and destructive deity who despises life and desires only destruction and chaos. It is unknown how long he feuded with his brother, but it is assumed that he is determined and competitive, doing whatever it takes to win. Though he eventually agreed to help create humanity, he gave them a spirit of destruction, meaning his agreement was not a redemption or change of heart. He was shown to be intolerant of human uprisings, but merciful when he thought humans worshiped him with mild hints of insecurity claiming Light just is upset Salem came to him first. However, he is also shown to be honorable, as shown when he does respect his brother and the agreements made with both him and humans.


Rise, child, and let your faith in me be rewarded.
~ God of Darkness to Salem.
Do not lecture me!
~ God of Darkness to God of Light.
Rules that I now see are ever in your favor. And yet the day a mortal comes to pray at my feet before your own, so do you arrive to lay your judgment upon me!
~ The God of Darkness to his older brother, The God of Light.
You dare enter my domain and show such disrespect!
~ God of Darkness to God of Light.
Then it seems I owe you an apology. Allow me to correct my mistake.
~ God of Darkness, before disintegrating Ozma once again.
You cannot die. You cannot be with your beloved.
~ God of Darkness to Salem.
So long as this world turns, you shall walk its face.
~ He and his brother at the same time to Salem.
~ God of Darkness roars at Salem.
My own gift to them... used against me.
~ God of Darkness after genocide humanity.
You thought there was no greater punishment we could bestow upon you?
~ God of Darkness taunting Salem.
You do not understand. There is no one left. You are all that remains of humanity.
~ God of Darkness revelating Salem.
Still demanding things of your creators...
~ God of Darkness to Salem, before disappearing.


  • Had Salem gone to him first, the entirety of RWBY would likely never happened (as the God of Darkness would have defended bringing Ozma back the same way he initially did to his brother).


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