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Godcat's two halves piloting The Destroyer (left) and The Creator (right).

Light Godcat: You humans have savagely murdered my children and conquered my lands. Perhaps you forget who it is you owe your existence to. Bow down to the power of your creator!
Dark Godcat: Aeons ago, there were countless civilizations far greater than any of today. They built towers to the heavens, and were capable of magnificent technology. I have ruined them all, effortlessly. You feeble creatures are nothing to me!
~ Both sides of Godcat when summoning their vehicles.
Light Godcat: Perhaps I was mistaken in judging humans so harshly. I see now the magnitude of your strength, wisdom and courage. I had always wished for cats to exhibit these qualities, but it was never meant to be. I accept that humans have earned this world.
Dark Godcat: Interesting. Your strength is but a fraction of my own, and yet, in the face of certain death, you humans are determined to fight for existence. I shall spare your pitiful lives, and will instead observe how your story develops from now on. I'm sure we'll meet again.
~ Both sides of Godcat sparing the heroes, noting of their might.

Godcat is the main antagonist of the Epic Battle Fantasy series, serving as the unseen overarching antagonist of Epic Battle Fantasy 3 and Bullet Heaven 2, the main antagonist in Epic Battle Fantasy 4 and Bullet Heaven, and a supporting character of Epic Battle Fantasy 5. She is the creator goddess of all cats and is later revealed to be the one behind the events of the third game, involving the creation of Akron.



Of unknown origin, Godcat created the world out of loneliness, originally making cats the dominant species of Earth. However, after this advanced animalistic civilization grew too friendly with humans, Godcat destroyed their society and their limbs before going elsewhere. However, it left behind three jewels, which humans have guarded in fear of bringing them together would result in Godcat's return.

At some other point, Godcat created Akron in an attempt for him to rule over Earth.

Bullet Heaven

Making her first appearance in Bullet Heaven, Godcat serves as the game's final boss, where her first shows off its dual form surrounded by a dracdonic circle. Both Godcats share the same health bar, and both use their expectedly colored projectiles (White for Light Godcat, Black for Dark Godcat).

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Following a group of cats stealing the gems to make their god return to them, the group of heroes set out on their quest to the Temple of Godcat to hopefully stop her return. Along the way throughout the game, both aspects of Godcat are fought after each gem's theft, with the light form controlling The Creator and the dark form controlling The Destroyer, two vehicles with the ability to use powerful magic. Finally reaching the temple, the heroes find the ritual complete and Godcat ready to strike the heroes down. Even despite her grand power and might, the quartet continued their assault with no hesitation, much to Godcat's confusion and amazement. Eventually finding humanity worthy, Godcat ended their duel out of respect, before gathering her followers to head off into the great void of space for a new planet to populate.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

Although Godcat is no longer a villain, both forms of her appear in Epic Battle Fantasy 5 as NoLegs' limit breaks. She serves as a watcher of the planet and its people, and it is also implied here that The Devourer was her creator.


Godcat's two forms are similar in form to humanoid, mouthless cats with two large eyes and a long tail, with one form being white with a blue aura and the other being black with a red aura.



  • Godcat's cat forms have no death script, so if one of them were to be killed by using glitches, the game will softlock.
  • Like Akron, the final Godcat battle has its own theme, called "Fallen Blood".
  • Giga Drill will do over 50000 damage to her Creator vehicle in some cases.
  • Each Godcat has 0% a chance to drop Lance of Creation and Sword of Destruction.


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