Godsend is a villain in the Spawn series.He is an archangel with a suit similair to Spawn's costume and leader an army of Seraphs.


Godsend first appears in Spawn 293,When Spawn killed an angel to fight who is his wife Wanda's killer.After killing an Angel a being called a Godsend appears and asks if Al Simmons can transform into Spawn for him. Godsend created a forcefield covered in Darkness to see if Spawn can transform himself. Godsend asks simmons he can do many things fight for the side of heaven or Hell. Simmons refused and delcares that he would fight both the forces of Heaven and Hell. Godsend mocks him stating that Humans relies on hope while Spawn states that he would give them freedom after the Battle Godsend escapes. Godsend later reappears in the Spawn 296 along with the Redeemer and Coglistro as well as heaven's elitie army known as the The Rapture to discuss battle plans to stop Spawn they tell the history of Spawn and his struggles thorught the series. In Spawn 297 after Coglistro is done explaing The Redeemer and Godsend brush off Cog's claims and that they are confident that they can take him own. Gosend appears in 299 alongside Redeemer with the rapture closing in on Spawn but he later escaped and manages to conivinced Redeeemer to join Spawn. In 300 Godsend later meets up with Violator who was Wanda's killer against Spawn in armor now. in 301 Clown and Godsend were literally blown away by Al's unholy nuke.

Powers and Ablitites

Being an angel Godsend possess super human strength,speed,and stamina. Also the ablitlies of flight as well as to use magic.

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