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Baron Godwin is a minor antagonist from Romancing SaGa 3.


A former ally of Loanne, he starts a plan to take over the throne once Mikhail ascends to throne as the new successor. Mikhail's sister Monica overhears a conversation between Godwin and the chancellor, then decides to flee the castle to warn his brother. She is helped by Katharina, who gives her cover, but she is forced to head to Shinoh after her horse refuses to proceed during the storm. There she meets with the other heroes, who escort her to Mikhail's camp, where he was preparing his army to drive off monsters. Once she tells Mikhail of Godwin's plans, he prepares to fight Godwin's forces and orders Monica and her friends to Podol. With the help of Harid "The Tornado", Mikhail fights Godwin, defeating his army and forcing him to flee. They storm Loanne, intending on capturing Godwin, but he had already escaped, leaving monsters behind.

Some days later, Godwin kidnaps Monica and her bodyguard/friend Julian, trapping the two inside a cave full of monsters. The two find their way through the cave with the help of the Poet who was also trapped there, facing Godwin for the last time. Monica attempts to convince Godwin to surrender, but he reveals that it was him who killed the former king of Loanne, shutting down the lights and escaping again, leaving Monica in the darkness waiting for help. It is unknown what happens of Godwin after that.


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