Made it this far, have you? Your fortitude is an obscenity. It delights me that you are progressing towards your true potential. Thanks to your endeavors, our well-laid plan to alter the future will finally bear fruit. At last, it's time for you to die. Farewell.
~ Colonel Godwin Longhener

Colonel Godwin Longhener (simply known as Godwin Longhener) is the main antagonist and final boss from DoDonPachi Resurrection, where he pilots the Golden Disaster. Godwin is a direct descendant of Schwarlitz Longhener, and the commander of the DonPachi Corps in the time after the Blissful Death Wars. He holds the same genocidal ideals and beliefs of his ancestor.


Some time after the Blissful Death Wars, Godwin Longhener is appointed leader of the new DonPachi corps. Six years after the war, anomalies in the space-time fabric are detected, though Longhener dismisses this due to the lack of immediate danger. However, further tests reveal that an apparent virus had invaded the DonPachi Corps HQ computers and was using the space-time anomaly to send data and weapons into the past. The virus is revealed to be the program of one of the Element Dolls used during the Blissful Death Wars, apparently seeking revenge for their enslavement and deciding to wage war in the past. Longhener finally authorizes an operation to travel into the past to fight the invasion.

You are the player pilot who jumps in time to 2008, where you face the Element Daughters, gigantic robots shaped after the previous Element Dolls, led by Next EXY. You successfully defeat them and prepare to jump back to the future, but once inside the time warp you are attacked by Longhener, who reveals he had been manipulating the Element Daughters all this time, in an attempt to destroy mankind. He pilots Hibachi to fight you, but you successfully defeat Longhener and destroy Hibachi and he is presumed deceased. As you make the trip back to the future, you learn that Next EXY had been trying to prevent the Blissful Death Wars by destroying the facility which would start those events (apparently DonPachi Corps HQ at the time of its creation), however she actually triggered all those events, as the weapons she brought from the future allowed the creation of the DonPachi Corps. However, Longhener is then shown, with the Element Daughters at his side, being appointed as the new leader of the DonPachi Corps and promoted to General.

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