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NOTE: This is about the identical progeny of Godzilla. For Godzilla himself, see Here .

Godzilla Filius (Japanese ゴジラ・フィリウス Gojira Firiusu), is a cell-divided relative of Godzilla Earth and the titular main antagonist in the 2017 horror-anime film Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters. He (or It) is the third Godzilla variation in the Toho reboot era, and a cell clone of Godzilla Earth in the film.



Godzilla Filius was spawned from one of Godzilla Earth's cells, along with Servum.

Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters

When the crew of the Aratrum find Tau Ceti e uninhabitable, they decide to return Earth and take it back from Godzilla and other monsters. They discover that 20,000 years have passed, and Godzilla has taken over the planet.

While making plans to destroy Godzilla once and for all, the crew was attacked by a swarm of Servum. While retreating, they encountered Godzilla Filius, believing it to be Godzilla himself. When Haruo takes a hover bike and attacks it to find the exact time when the energy shield is generated, Haruo was unable to deliver enough damage to warrant such a reaction. Colonel Leland fires at the spines with an artillery tank, which triggered the response. Godzilla Filius then blasted Leland and the craft with atomic breath, then turned away.

After gathering the information needed, Haruo enacted his plan to defeat it by disabling Filius' EMP, and the plan was successful in killing it. However, upon analyzing Filius, the Aratrum scientists determined that it was identical to Godzilla from 2030, something highly unlikely given Godzilla's capacity to evolve and the amount of time that had passed. Their fears came true when the fully grown Godzilla Earth (the true one) emerged from a mountain and attacked, destroying their entire attack force as they attempt to escape, although some managed to survive.


Filius is almost identical to his larger father, Godzilla Earth except with minor differences. he lacks the spiky protrusion, and has more defined tooth-like appendages. It also has a more sleek, muscle fiber-like skin. The previously mentioned characteristics seem to portray a more youthful look. The skin also differs in color, looking blueish-green, leaning more towards blue.


Asymmetrically Permeable Shield

Like Godzilla Earth, Godzilla Filius can deploy an Asymmetrically Permeable Shield from an organ located in his dorsal plates. This shield can deflect any and all attacks and renders Godzilla Filius effectively invulnerable to damage.

Atomic Breath

Godzilla Filius can produce a powerful charged particle beam which he can fire from his mouth and strike targets.


Godzilla Filius inherits Godzilla Earth's potent healing factor, which allows his tissues to heal completely from damage almost instantly.


The humans kill Filius by implanting EMP probes inside it from the dorsal spines. When it attempts to release atomic breath, the excess of electromagnetic energy caused it to explode, thus destroying it.





  • Filius has the same personality and all abilities that Godzilla Earth has (although Filius could be less intelligent based on how it easily fell into Haruo's strategy), except for the oscillatory wave and plasma cutter.
  • The name "Filius" is the Latin word for "son".
  • Filius matches the original Godzilla in height, at 50 meters, but is only half the weight of the original.
  • Godzilla Filius is the only variation of Godzilla offspring to be villainous, with the exception of the Baby Zillas in the 1998 Godzilla film.
    • The concept of a villainous Godzilla son is a first, since Minilla and Godzilla Junior, two previous sons of Godzilla, are both heroic.
  • Godzilla Filius' origin, in that he was created from Godzilla's cells, is similar to a form of asexual reproduction used by a variety of different species of real-world plants, which are able to create duplicates of themselves through a process called vegetative propagation.

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