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Godzilla... Truly a god incarnate.
~ Kayoco Anne Patterson

Shin Godzilla (シン・ゴジラ, Shin Gojira) is the titular main antagonist of 2016 movie Shin Godzilla, and an anti-hero in the 4-D short Godzilla vs. Evangelion: The Real 4-D. A new radically reinterpreted incarnation of Godzilla, Shin Godzilla is a bizarre lifeform mutated by feeding on nuclear waste dumped on the seafloor. Capable of spontaneously self-evolving, the creature came ashore in Tokyo in 2016 and immediately wreaked havoc, with all of the Japanese Self Defense Forces' weapons having no effect on him. He was finally defeated by a complex plan orchestrated by government official Rando Yaguchi, but still could not be killed and remained a potential threat as he stood frozen in the ruins of Tokyo.
Like many past incarnations of Godzilla before him, Shin Godzilla is a villainous creature, driven by his instinct for survival and adaptation which puts him at odds with humanity. Compared to past incarnations, Shin Godzilla is significantly more grotesque, monstrous, and biologically bizarre due to his capacity for self-evolution.



Godzilla originated as a prehistoric marine animal of some kind, proposed by Professor Goro Maki to be a relative of Paleozoic marine reptiles, which managed to survive into the 20th century. When the United States dumped barrels of nuclear waste into Tokyo Bay in the 1950s, the creature began feeding on this waste, causing him to mutate. By 2016, the creature had grown to gigantic size and was dwelling in the waters of Tokyo Bay.

Shin Godzilla


Godzilla first appeared as a huge tail in his first form. When government tried to convince civilians that monster's inability to move on land, Godzilla suddenly developed legs and crawl out of Bay in his second form. As Kamata-kun, Godzilla destroyed several buildings and streets, killing a tens or even thousands of civilians. As government tried to organise attack on monster, Godzilla evolved into his third form. However, attack was cancelled when Prime Minister noticed an evacuating civilians. This allowed beast to escape and better prepare for another attack.

Waiting in hide

The government did their best to find out where Godzilla hides, but monster was nowhere to be seen in the ocean. Meanwhile, Godzilla constantly evolved, increasing his size, developing extremely durable skin and cooling system to become invulnerable to heat and humanity's attacks.

The Return

After over two weeks, Godzilla got out of Bay in his fourth form. Due to suddenness of attack, the government was unprepared. Godzilla was already walking across Japan, killing civilians and exposing them to radiation that he emits. The government was trying to evacuate survivors and kill the beast. Unfortunately, Godzilla's skin was far too durable to be penetrated by weaponry. Godzilla was unstoppable and mercilessly walked towards Tokyo.

First Atomic Breath use

Desperately trying to stop Godzilla, Prime Minister allowed United States to bombard Godzilla. The several bombing on Godzilla's back made him bleed. However, the creature was barely injured and instantly regenerated damage. In order to prevent future injures, Godzilla quickly developed an offensive abilities. After a while, Godzilla's body started to emit a very intensive purple glow and monster's jaw began to tore up in half. Suddenly, Godzilla start splitting up a black cloud that in seconds covered an entire city. Then, Godzilla covered his eyes in silver membrane and quickly change a cloud into thermal flame that completely burned Tokyo in minutes. Next, Godzilla began to shoot out a purple beam that penetrate the remaining buildings and helicopters, on the occasion killing a Prime Minister.


After burning Tokyo, an extremely drained Godzilla entered the hibernation state. In this state, Godzilla's body was emitting a very little to no radiation and monster himself was not moving. Still, Godzilla's body was acting like a natural jammer, disrupting drones that get too close to him. But this doesn't work on humans, what allowed research team to get a sample of Godzilla's flesh. The government and scientists concluded that even small parts of Godzilla's body can regenerate and create a newer clones of Godzilla. They also concluded that Godzilla's body can convert air or water into radioactive isotopes. The United States gave Japan two weeks to evacuate or defeat Godzilla, otherwise they will drop a hydrogen bomb on monster.

Operation: Yashiori

Eventually, after fifteen days, Godzilla woke up. Immediately the government send a trains laden with explosives to enrage Godzilla. Almost immediately after awakening Godzilla, drones are sent to distract him to deplete his atomic energy. Godzilla responds with dorsal plate beams, destroying buildings in the process of destroying the drones. The energy from his dorsal plates depletes and he is hit by multiple missiles. In response, Godzilla shoots his mouth beam and another beam fired from the spare head on his tail (due to the mouth on the spare head opening during Godzilla's dormancy). Godzilla's energy depletes, leaving him helpless as he walks towards into a line of skyscrapers with explosives in them. The government detonates the explosives and Godzilla is buried in the rubble. The first team of pump trucks are sent and begin to force feed Godzilla the coagulant. Godzilla immediately recovers and shoots his heat ray at the first team, killing them. Godzilla gets back up, roaring angrily before trying to walk away. However, larger force of driverless trains are sent en masse towards Godzilla. The explosion causes him to fall down again, giving the second team the chance to force feed him the coagulant again. Godzilla gets back up, however, and destroys the second group, seemingly unfazed. However, he begins slowing, letting out one more roar before freezing in the middle of Tokyo. With Operation: Yashiori a success, the Americans' countdown has been paused, but the Americans warn if Godzilla were to be unfrozen, they will nuke him. Godzilla unfreezing takes 20 days, giving japan the time to recover from the attack. However, they have no choice but to live together with Godzilla. As Godzilla stood frozen, humanoid creatures with Godzilla's dorsal plates begin sprouting out of his tail, frozen in their seeming escape.

it's unknown what happened to Godzilla, but it's theorized that he became a committee from the humanoid Godzillas on his tail. Since there's not gonna be a sequel, we'll never know.......... 

Appearance and Forms

First Form

Aside from being confirmed to have a long tail and being mentioned by Ogashira as having gills and fin-like legs, what Godzilla's first form looked like is unclear. However, some information suggests that Godzilla's first form looked similar to his second form albeit more tadpole-like given that in his second form, he still possesses large gills and newly developed legs.

Second Form

Soon after made his presence known, Godzilla makes his way for Tokyo where he now has a pair of fully-functional digitigrade legs that suit for better locomotion on land. Because the legs were newly developed for land movement at that time, Godzilla was only able to stand horizontally, with his body held parallel to the ground. He now began to grow arms that developed at a slower rate compared to his legs as they were just in the form of small, developing stubs. He also has a pair of huge eyes with small black pupils. His skin is a beige color and he has large pulsating gills on the sides of his neck, which leak a red, blood-like fluid as he moves. He also sports several rows of small tan dorsal plates on his back.

Third Form

Upon developing into the third form, Godzilla began to change his posture into a more upright one like a traditional depiction of Godzilla thanks to further development of his legs. Aside from his more upright posture, his skin has turned reddish in color, which also glows due to the cooling system for nuclear energy in his body is yet to fully developed for adaptation on land. His tiny arms have also developed further as well, where they now sprout still-developing fingers. Since the course of his evolution now intended to have better physiology for adapting land environments, Godzilla's gills are now closed and reduced in prominence albeit still functions, when he needs to go to the ocean to cool off his body until the biological cooling system for nuclear energy in his body, was fully developed.

Fourth Form

After further evolution to the point where his body was now suited for adapting land environment as well as completing the development of his nuclear energy's natural cooling system, Godzilla now no longer need to retreat to the ocean to cooling his body. While his appearance now looks more like the rest of his incarnations (particularly the first design featured in the 1954 film), the result of his evolution for fully adapted on land made him completely hideous and looked like a skeletal, undead being: He had numerous gaps on his hide that results in his muscles over several parts of his body exposed. Godzilla's rib cage protrudes from the rest of his body, coming to a pointed and pronounced sternum, far more pronounced than that of any other Godzilla.

This design also appears to possess a longer neck than previous versions. He also possesses countless uneven rows of jagged, shark-like teeth inside his mouth and a pronounced nose with large round nostrils, and his mouth extends partially into his cheeks, some teeth protruding from the skin above and underneath his mouth. Not only that, but he also possesses red scales resembling keloid scars to give of impression that he seems the victim of a Hydrogen bomb, where many of them running into structures in his black dorsal plates which are reminiscent of blood vessels. His arms now more developed albeit looked emaciated and still short compared to the rest of his incarnations.

Godzilla's tail is noticeably longer than his own body, where the tip of it red and bloody, and is covered in twisted, mangled bones. The very end of his tail appears to have a small, mostly skeletal face/skull that had a prominent jaw that later can be opened like an actual jaw. Godzilla used this face/skull to fire his second atomic beam to simultaneously beamed his atomic breath to two targets at once.

In spite of drastic changes on his body due to evolution progress, there are still some traits that still remained. First of all, Godzilla still retained his digitigrade-style posture in spite of the extreme development on his legs. Godzilla also retained his gills, though smaller than in his previous forms and may useless due to his current physiology. Even after his eyes shrunk, Godzilla still lacked eyelids, and only had a protective membrane in place of it instead of that both protected them from intense light from his atomic breath and bombs, and functioned like typical eyelids that he closed when entering his resting coma-like state.

Whenever Godzilla released the atomic breath, his skull unhinges upwards, while the bone of his lower jaw splits apart so he can have more room for his atomic beam.

Fifth Form

When Godzilla was forced to freeze himself due to the blood coagulant, he also attempted to break into smaller forms that have a more skeletal, humanoid appearance, with said progeny sprouting from the fleshy tip of his tail.

Powers and Abilities

  • Atomic Breath: Shin Godzilla possesses the ability to fire atomic breath from his mouth. Monster's dorsal plates glow ominously, then he splits a powerful cloud of black smoke that can quickly spread through the city. Next, Shin Godzilla changes smoke into Thermal Flame, which can burn the buildings with very high speed. After, he focuses Thermal Flame into a narrow, purple beam that is able to slice through the buildings. In Crayon Shin-chan vs. Shin Godzilla, Shin Godzilla uses thicker, blue beam.
  • Energy Manipulation: Shin Godzilla showed ability to both energy absorption and projection. In Godzilla vs. Evangelion: The Real 4-D, Shin Godzilla was able to absorb King Ghidorah's Gravity Beams to restore his energy. In both Shin Godzilla and Godzilla vs. Evangelion: The Real 4-D, Shin Godzilla proved that his ability to energy projection is far superior than the other incarnations of Godzilla, because he was able to shoot photon rays from his mouth, dorsal plates, and tail.
  • Adaptive Mutation: Thanks to his DNA that have eight times more genetic information than humans, Shin Godzilla is able to adapt to any situation. Shin Godzilla developed legs in order to move on land. After being injured by B-2 Bombers, Godzilla developed the ability to shoot photon rays in order to defend himself from bombing. Godzilla is also able to change his size, as he doubled size in the third and fourth forms.
  • Superhuman Durability: Heavily armoured fourth form's skin makes him immune to conventional weapon. Godzilla survived even missiles fired to the face without any harm.
  • Extrasensory Perception: Alongside Atomic Breath, Shin Godzilla developed extrasensory perception to detect drones and bombs.


  • Back: Godzilla's back is his only weak point on his body. Even conventional weapons is capable of hurting him if dropped in this place. Shin Godzilla fixed this weakness by developing dorsal beams.
  • Overheating: As Shinagawa-kun, Shin Godzilla was vulnerable to overheating, as his mutation produced a large amount of heat. As Kamakura-san, Shin Godzilla fixed this by developing a cooling system.
  • Power Limit: Unlike his predecessors, Shin Godzilla has a limit of power that he can use. He needs 15 days to restore his energy. During Operation Yashiori, he runs out all of his energy, becoming helpless against the operation.


  • Shin Godzilla was at one point both the tallest and heaviest movie incarnation of Godzilla, though he was promptly surpassed in both categories by Godzilla Earth from GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters in 2017.
  • Shin Godzilla is somewhat similar to Clover both in terms of being mutated marine creature, as well as forcing U. S. to use nuclear bombs. 
  • Shin Godzilla is second incarnation of Godzilla, which is derived from Palaeozoic Era. First was Godzilla from MonsterVerse Era. 
  • Shin Godzilla is first japanese Godzilla that reproduces asexually. Second is Godzilla Earth.
  • Shin Godzilla is first Godzilla to being able to evolve reactivly through the movie. 
  • This incarnation of Godzilla posses some of Zilla's features, such as:
    • Both can reproduce asexually.
    • Both have visible gills on their necks. 
    • Both can run at superhuman speed (although Shin Godzilla is able to only in third mutation). 


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