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Godzilla (ゴジラ, Gojira), mainly known as Godzilla Ultima and Goshira, is the titular main antagonist in the 2021 anime Godzilla Singular Point.

Godzilla Ultima is a bizarre incarnation of Godzilla, being a large dinosaur-like entity who was foretold to destroy, not only Earth, but also possibly the entire universe itself.

He is also the master of the Rodans.


While Godzilla's origins are a mystery, It seems that he is a extradimensional Lovecraftian entity being with god-like status that is able to manifest into earth's dimension as a large dinosaur-like creature. He was worshipped in feudal times as a god of destruction, and is connected to the mysterious reality-warping substance called Archetype, which it radiates from his body in the form of red dust.


It is implied that Godzilla first manifested along with the Rodans somewhere in the twelfth century based on a painting. Godzilla manifested once again in the 1950s where he had risen up from the sea and destroyed the fishing village in Misakioku but was ultimately defeated and killed by the Japanese Military. His existence soon disappeared from the people who are still recovering from the tragedy of World War II and Godzilla became nothing but a myth to them. However, Michiyuki Ashihara, one of the leading scientists of the village, sealed his skeleton in a facility deep underground where he spent the next fifty years of his life studying both the bones and a substance called Archetype that was found inside the bones. Fifty years later, Godzilla manifested once again as a large aquatic monster who was discovered in the ocean by a submarine before he chased after the submarine and presumably destroyed it.

Godzilla soon tracked down a pack of Mandas and began chasing after them to devour them. He soon encountered the JMSDF blockades that were shooting at the Mandas to kill them before he jumped over one of the boats to continue his hunt. Godzilla then arrived in Tokyo and begins to fight one of the Mandas and kills it before feasting on its body. After eating the Manda, he evolves into a land form to help him walk on land. However, his actions did not go without notice as the military begins to fight the newly evolved creature. Godzilla unleashes a freezing vapor-like mist from his mouth to take down tanks but when a tank shell hits his face, the vapor absorbed it before turning into a fiery heat ray which blows up the entire area Godzilla was at. Godzilla was able to form a cocoon around himself to save his own life from the explosion while everything perishes from the fire.

After a while, The JSDF blew the cocoon up, however, a new form of Godzilla rises from the crumbling cocoon and lets out a loud roar before unleashing a large mass of red dust into the air which covered the entire city in the process. Godzilla begins to vomit as he begins to roam the city until a jet shot a missile at him and the missile explodes on Godzilla's back, causing him to bleed. Upon realizing the danger, Godzilla turns his blood into a tentacle-like formation which shields him from the missile but was destroyed in the process. As he regenerated his wound, Godzilla begins to test out his atomic breath ring before covering more of the city with his red dust. Godzilla continued his rampage through Tokyo before he was spotted by the military, but around that time a giant demonic Rodan. charges at Godzilla until it was killed by Godzilla's atomic breath ring. Soon after, the Military unleashes an all-out assault at Godzilla which weakened and brought him to the ground.

However, Godzilla emerges in a newer more powerful form. When the tanks started to fire at him, they did nothing more than anger the monster. Godzilla then charged up his atomic breath before firing at the tanks, destroying along with multiple other buildings as well. After destroying the city, Godzilla lets out a victorious roar, signaling the entire world that the catastrophe has begun. However, Godzilla was then attacked by a Manda who bit him on his neck before it was killed by his atomic breath. A flock of Rodans showed up as well but instead of fighting him, they join Godzilla as he continues his way through Tokyo. At some point of time, Godzilla created a large tornado-like storm which allowed him to grow even bigger than before. When the Rodans were weakened by Jet Jaguar who had a drone-like battery on his back, They called out to their master for his assistance. Due to awakening from Jet Jaguar and the Rodans battle, Godzilla obliges and attempts to destroy the mech with his atomic breath, but only succeeds in killing the Rodans, which causes Jet Jaguar to lose control and fall to the ground.

Godzilla then targets a defenseless Yun Arikawa to kill him as well, but was stopped by Jet Jaguar who grew to his size after receiving the invincible protocol sent by the AI, Pero II. This causes the two Naratake AIs Pero 2 and Yung to merge inside of Jet Jaguar. Jet Jaguar soon battled Godzilla and claimed that its new name is Jet Jaguar PP and that it was the code of the Orthogonal Diagonalizer and was the one who broadcasted the lullaby (Alapu Upala) in the first place. However, Godzilla fires his atomic breath at Jet Jaguar PP, weakening the robot. With the last of its strength, Jet Jaguar PP unleashes the power of the code of the Orthogonal Diagonalizer which blows up and causes Godzilla to disappear while destroying itself as well in the process. However, his reign was far from over as a squadron led by Michael Stephan, Kai Takehiro and Michiyuki Ashihara were secretly planning to weaponize the bones for their own purpose. The threat remained, in the form of MechaGodzilla.



Godzilla in his first form, possesses a Mosasaurus-like body with reddish yellow colored skin, a spiked underbelly, and red veins on his dorsal fins. His fins have several claws on them. His overall face shape resembles that of a crocodilian as having two large antennae that are similar to Titanosaurus'. On his head, two fins are seen on his cheeks and a single larger wider fin on his head. He also has a long tail with three fins that can spread out from the tip.


After he went on land, He takes on a land form that resembles his aquatic form but his spikes are larger and lacking the fin-like appearance they have before and his skin is now darker which makes him look like Varan. Godzilla also has webbed feet and the fins on his tail are gone with the spikes remaining. Godzilla soon makes a red and cocoon-like exoskeleton that has the texture of rocks.


His third Form after emerging from his cocoon, has completely changed with now having a Tyrannosaurus rex-like body with green skin as well as a yellow underbelly and the features of Gorosaurus. He also walks on two legs and takes on a theropod-like stance.


Godzilla has larger dorsal fins as well as two more rows on his body. He lacks the spikes on his tail. When He was weakened by the JSDF, Godzilla evolves into his fourth and final form which takes a more monstrous version of his third form. He now has black crocodilian-like skin and white dorsal fins. Godzilla also develops multiple rows of sharp teeth with two larger fangs sticking out of his upper jaw.



The Relationship between Godzilla and the Rodans seems to be mutual in nature, as he tolerates their presence. The Rodans are loyal to Godzilla, as they guard him from any intruders. Although, bigger and larger Rodans seem to be hostile with Godzilla as a giant one attempted to kill him (with no success). Godzilla, however, doesn’t show remorse in accidentally killing them while trying to shoot Jet Jaguar down. Either way, Godzilla and the Rodans seem to be acquainted as the latter was shown with the former in a painting.


Godzilla and the Mandas have shown to be hostile with each other as the former preys on the latter. A Manda even tries to fight back at Godzilla, but it fails.

Jet Jaguar

Godzilla battles Jet Jaguar in the last episode. He does seem to be aware that it poses a threat to him adapting to earth, so he tries to kill it, even killing the Rodans to do it. Godzilla does manage to kill Jet Jaguar, but the mech gets the last laugh as it sets off the Orthogonal Diagnolizer, banishing Godzilla from this dimension.


  • Rodans - Servants (adults and juveniles only)


  • Mandas - Prey and Victims
  • Rodans - Enemy and victim (giant only)
  • Jet Jaguar - Enemy, Victim, and Kaiju Killer.


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