I reject the Shaper council, and all of their foolishness. The power here is our birthright, and I will not let them steal it.
~ Goettsch

Goettsch is one of two primary antagonists in the video game Geneforge, along with Trajkov.

He is a Shaper stranded on Sucia Island by Trajkov, who captured him to learn how to use the Geneforge, a device that gives the user godlike power. However, Goettsch stole the gloves necessary to do so and ran to a far off part of the island. He now seeks to dispose of Trajkov and use the Geneforge himself to earn the power to take over the Shaper council.


Goettsch is a member of the Shaper sect who was shipwrecked on Sucia Island and captured by Trajkov so he could learn how to use the Geneforge, a pool of energy that grants ultimate power, and obtain the strength to end Shaper rule.

He taught Trajkov that the Geneforge can only be used by donning a pair of special gloves and lightly touching the surface of the pool. However, only one pair of these gloves exists, and after telling him the secret, Goettsch stole the gloves and ran off to the west.

By the events of the game, Trajkov has stranded another Shaper (the player-named protagonist) on Sucia, and both of them seek to get the Shaper to side with them.

Goettsch's plan is to use the Geneforge himself and gain the power to take over the world. He also wants to collect as many canisters as possible, as each of them give small amounts of power akin to what the Geneforge can bestow.

He tries to encourage the main character to kill Trajkov by promising he would share his power with them, but if the player follows through on his request, he reveals that his sole gift to the player is letting them leave the island alive.

Depending on the player's actions, the game may end with Trajkov being killed and Goettsch being allowed to use the Geneforge, with the player killing Goettsch and ending his plan, or with Goettsch spared and Trajkov dead, but the Geneforge destroyed and/or the gloves stolen, leaving him unable to seize power.

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