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Todd Haynes: He's kidding, right?
Goggles: Motherf**er don't kid.
~ Todd asking Goggles about Chris's plan.

"Goggles" is a minor antagonist in the 2013 live action film Kick-Ass 2. He is a violent teenager who joined the Toxic-Mega Cunts and choosing his villain name as "Goggles", making him one of The Mother Fucker's loyalist minions.

He was portrayed by James Cutler III.


His background is unknown. But at some point in the film, he became a supervillain and joined the Toxic-Mega Cunts.

After the death of Colonel Stars and Stripes, leader of the Justice Forever, he learns of the Tweets about The Mother Fucker's gang and joins his agenda against any superheroes that stand of this villain league way.

During his fellow villains' base is discovered and forced to fight against the heroes of the Justice Forever, Goggles battle against Doctor Gravity and believe he is weak to fight him. Soon, discovering to be defeated by Doctor Gravity's upgraded spikey Gravity Pole and arrested along with the other Toxic Mega-Cunts.


Arrogant, violent, cruel and loyal to his leader, he shown to more serious and determind to prove his place among the Toxic Mega-Cunts. 


  • Goggles is the only minion to his own movie poster, despite not being the main cast members. He was mistaken for Javier's villain costume and name.
  • Also, he is the third villain to developed hatred for Doctor Gravity. The first is The Mother Fucker for Kick-Ass and second is Hit-Girl for Mother Russia.


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