Do not insult me with your lies. You...and your kind have killed many of our people. This cannot be forgiven!
~ Goh Min to Jacob Hendricks

Goh Min is a supporting antagonist of the video game Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. He is one of the heads of the 54 Immortals syndacite and the brother of Goh Xiulan. He was voiced by Lanny Joon.

Early life

Goh Min was born in 2037 to 54 Immortals boss Goh Cheung. When Cheung was murdered by Hyun Jiang, who took control of the syndicate, Min and his sister Goh Xiulan were taken in by enforcer and Cheung loyalist Jae Xiong, who eventually killed Jiang in 2048, allowing he, Goh Xiulan and Goh Min to take over. Xiong was killed by the CIA, allowing Xiulan and Min to take over and expand the 54 Immortals into Singapore and turn it into an organization built on human trafficking and arms dealing, as well as forming an alliance with the Common Defense Pact.

In The Game

9 years ago in 2046, the 54 Immortals were contracted by the CDP to explore an abandoned Coalescence Corporation facility in Singapore, where Goh Xiulan and Goh Min met rogue CIA agent Dylan Stone, who sold sensitive information to them, which they planned to sell to the CDP. However, the CIA discovered this and John Taylor and Jacob Hendricks were sent to recover it disguised as arms dealers.

They attempted to get the information from 54 Immortals trader Danny Li, but Xiulan and Min, anticipating this, arrived with a group of enforcers and blew their cover. However, when Xiulan was about to give the order to kill them, a group of soldiers burst in and opened fire, killing Min and the enforcers, although Xiulan managed to escape with the intel and swore revenge on the American government, and Taylor in particular.

Although the game takes place years after Min' s death, he is able to appear due to the Player's consciousness being inside Taylor's mind, meaning he lives through much of Taylor's life and takes his place in the mission due to the actions of the rogue AI Corvus.


  • His name translates to "Clever Goh".


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