The Gohma are dark manifestations of the planet Gaea’s very will and the secondary antagonists of Asura’s Wrath.



Ages ago, Mother Gaea became angered that the cycle of life and death had greatly been disrupted with the souls of mortals not returning to her and being turned into mantra. To take back those souls, Chakravartin created the Gohma and they engaged in a never-ending war with the demigods of Gaea. Thus began a cycle of Vlitra appearing, more and more powerful with every subsequent appearance, barely staved off by the demigods each time.

Fights with Asura

In one major battle between the demigods of Shinkoku and the Gohma, Vlitra appeared and attacked the Shinkoku fleet, destroying many ships. The Eight Guardian Generals quickly moved to engage the beast with Asura in particular taking it on. He managed to damage and finally subdue Vlitra temporarily, but it was far from destroyed. 12,500 years later, Vlitra emerged once again, just as Asura and Yasha had defeated Deus, far more powerful and massive than the last time Asura had fought. The two demigods engaged it, fending off its powerful attacks, and tried to attack Vlitra’s center. But the face at the center of the monster’s new form unleashed a massive energy blast, devastating the two. However, Mithra sent Asura and Yasha mantra from the Karma Fortress, empowering them, especially Asura. The two forced their way into Vlitra’s mouth, forcing their way through its energy blast attack and breaking into its core at the center of Gaea. However, the core manifested as Vlitra Core, a large monster greatly resembling Asura’s Berserker form. It engaged Asura and Yasha in one final battle, but despite its incredible power, the two managed to destroy it, wiping out Vlitra completely.


Despite Vlitra's death, several of the Gohma managed to survive but they were quickly killed by Yasha while protecting an unconscious Asura.


  • The name "Gohma" came from the Gohma Insect with the same name from the Legend of Zelda videogame series.
  • Gohma are similar to The Flood from Halo universe.


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