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The lives that disappear here will also disappear in the original universe. In a place like this, I can kill all mortals without suffering from any intervention.
~ Goku Black revealing his plans of continuing Project Zero Mortals.

Goku Black, also known as the Crimson Masked Saiyan, is a major antagonist in Super Dragon Ball Heroes, serving as the main antagonist of the New Space-Time War Saga.

He is a version of Goku Black who escaped his death in the original timeline after having been informed about it by Fu and then traveled to 99 different timelines to battle and kill those versions of Goku. He would then began killing mortals in the Pseudo Universe, using his energy to create them, intending to eradicate all mortals in Universe 7 without Zen-Oh being able to intervene thanks to the Pseudo Universe and Universe 7 being tied together.

He was voiced by Masako Nozawa.


Having learned of his death in the original timeline, Black took up the name of the Crimson Masked Saiyan and began traveling to different timelines, killing the version of Goku in each timeline and then wiping the timelines of all mortal life. Black did this to 99 different timelines before arriving in the main timeline. He entered the Pseudo Universe and watched as Goku and Hearts faced off against Frieza and Cooler. When Frieza consider teaming up with Goku to escape from the Pseudo universe, Black fuses him and Cooler with Dark Dragon Ball, making them go crazy and attack Goku and Hearts. He is excited when Xeno Broly joins the fight but annoyed after the Warrior in Black Clothes arrives and takes the Dragon Balls out of Frieza and Cooler.

Black is later seen watching the battle between Vegeta, Turles and Cumber, egging the mortals on to fight. Black then confronts the heroes and defeats Goku and Hearts. Vegeta tries to fight Black but runs out of power but he can defeat him. Goku goes Ultra Instinct but loses the form as well. Black expresses delight at adding Goku to his 100th kill of many different Goku's. Black then destroys Pseudo Planet Vegeta, commenting on how beautiful the destruction of the planet is, but Cell arrives and saves the heroes. Black tries to kill them but Turles saves the heroes, only to be killed by Black who then escapes.

Black then prepares to attack humanity only to be attacked by the Warrior in Black clothes. The two do battle, in which Black gains the upper hand by going Super Saiyan Rose 2. Black reveals that since the Pseudo Universe in linked to Universe 7, he will eradicate all mortals in the Pseudo Universe (using his energy, he creates more mortals in the Pseudo Universe to slaughter) and thus Universe 7 as well. After more fighting, Black upgrades to Super Saiyan Rose 3 and then defeats the warrior. However, Goku and Vegeta arrive fully powered up although Black remains confident in his strength.

The duo easily overwhelm Black but Goku soon loses Ultra Instinct again. Black's mask is damaged, ruining his power up ability. However, Black then absorbs energy from the Pseudo Universe, bragging he is now unbeatable as he upgrades to Super Saiyan Rose Full Power. Black then takes down Vegeta with one attack. Frieza and Cooler arrive and attack Black as revenge earlier. However, Black then summons Syn Shenron who beats the brothers back. Black then powers up once more to create more fake mortals and knocks Frieza and Cooler down once again. However, Goku and Vegeta fuse into Gogeta Blue and after a short battle, land a powerful punch that atomizes Black from existence and sends Shenron back to his original timeline.


Watching a planet's end is always beautiful.
~ Goku Black while destroying Psuedo Planet Vegeta.

This version of Black is just as omnicidal as his original counterpart, having the same hatred of mortals as seen by his willingness to continue Project Zero Mortals. He is arrogant, boasting of his powers every time he powers up. He intends to use the Pseudo Universe to eradicate mortals from the main universe, demonstrating extreme intelligence. He also is arguably worse than his canon counterpart in some ways, relishing in the destruction of Pseudo Planet Vegeta while canon Black and Zamasu at least usually left the planet while killing mortals.


Goku Black, similar to his original counterpart, looks similar to Goku although with some differences. He has a darker skin tone and more defined, stern eyes. He has a skinner skin physique and his hair is a darker shade of black. He has a similar black gi to the original Goku Black, with only his right hand being gloved. He wears a mask that has red cracks and one visible ye that glows pink.


Now try to survive from this Son Goku!
~ Black destroying Psuedo Planet Vegeta.
Another one? Go away you dead people!
~ Black upon Cell arriving to save the heroes.
Damn you!
~ Black kills Turles.


  • This version of Black stands out even from his original counterpart, being the first villain in the series to successfully kill Goku multiple times.
  • Unlike his original counterpart, this version of Black is willing to destroy planets as well, as seen by his destruction of Pseudo universe Planet Vegeta.

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