Gokumon as he appears in the anime

You don't have any choice, Lady. You have to watch it all. You see, you two just killed one of our gang, and that really wasn't very nice. So now it's our turn to get even.
~ Gokumon talking to Jun before forcing her to watch her boyfriend, Tetsuya, get tortured.

Gokumon is the secondary main antagonist in Violence Jack: Hell's Wind. He is the deputy leader of the biker gang known as Hell's Wind, and he serves as one of Dante's Right hand men.


Like Dante and Guro, Gokumon is an extremely sadistic and violent man who enjoys the suffering of others, as well as torturing people. He is also a rapist and a pervert. In the manga version, Jack kills Gokumon by twisting his neck. in the anime version, Gokumon's death is more gruesome. He's set on fire by Jack before being tossed in the air while still attached to his motorcycle (which explodes).


In the manga, Gokumon is pale skinned, bald headed, and very macho. He also doesn't wear a shirt, has scars all over his body, bandages on his arms, and wears trousers and boots. In the anime version his appearance is kind of similar, except this time he does wear a t-shirt, along with a sleeveless leather jacket, and the bandages around his arms have been replaced with leather bracelets with spikes, and he is also chubbier and only has scars on his forehead instead of having scars all over his body.


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