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Golba is the main antagonist from the video game Samurai Shodown Sen.


Golba was one of the two sons of the king of Lesphia, a fictional European country. When his brother was chosen as the rightful heir to the throne, Golba attempted a coup d'etat to claim the rulership of the country, but he failed and was sent to exile as punishment. Golba arrived at America, where he joined the army and eventually became a respected and authoritative veteran in the Independence War, which earned him powerful and influential allies and comrades all over the globe.

Believing that America could become powerful enough as to become a threat to his own country, and still seeking to become Lesphia's ruler, Golba uses his connections to stage a years long global-scale revolution, weakening all countries around the world and creating a group of assassins, which he sends to kill his brother and claim his sword, which served as a symbol for the right to rule Lesphia. His brother was attacked along with his family during a sea voyage, but his daughter Suzuhime survived and carried the sword with her, arriving in Japan where she was adopted by a daimyo.

Ten years later, Golba had built a strong military, preparing to take over the entire Europe, so he lured many strong warriors and mercenaries to strengthen his army even more. During this time, Suzuhime finds a man named Takechiyo, who much like her survived from a ship wreckage, but upon learning the ship he came from collided with another ship who had Lesphia's crest, Suzu runs away from home to pursue her uncle. Golba, having learned that his niece was still alive once again sends his assassins after, deciding to use her as a bargaining chip against his country. Suzu eventually confronts Golba and manages to defeat him in battle by using her country's sword. Golba admits his defeat and reveals that he was the one responsible for killing her father, justifying his actions as he only wished to protect his country.



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