NOTE: This page is about the incarnation of Goldar from the 2017 movie. The mainstream version can be found here: Goldar.

Goldar is the secondary antagonist of the 2017 film reboot of The Power Rangers. Unlike the original series, Goldar is a giant monster created by Rita Repulsa made entirely of molten gold. He serves as the main henchman of Rita, whom she creates to steal the Zeo Crystal

He was voiced by Fred Tatasciore.


Goldar existed in Earth's Cenozoic Period (but off-screen). He is destroyed when Zordon orders his ally Alpha 5 to launch a meteor on his coordinates, killing him too and presumably Rita. But Rita survived and resurrected him. He attacks Angel Grove with his mistress and her army of Putties and fight the Rangers, before ripping apart the Krispy Kreme to dig for the Zeo Crystal. The Rangers leap onto Goldar with their Zords to attack him, but Goldar easily threw them off. When the Rangers injures Rita, he treats her. He defeats them briefly, but the Rangers create their Megazord, Goldar merges with Rita and after a terrible fight the Rangers destroy Goldar as piercing him with two swords.


In the 2017 film series, Goldar is portrayed as semi-sapient monster who lacks defined personality compared to his mainstream counterpart because he was portrayed as sentient doomsday weapon. Even so, he's not the completely emotionless living weapon as he loyal to Rita and even heal her when she injured. Goldar also had no qualms about killing a fraction of Rita's Putties by stepping on them.

Power and Abilities

In film series, being an animated chunks of gold enchanted with Rita's powers, Goldar is incapable to feel pain, whether it be from smashed into pieces or battered by Rangers' Zords. In spite of only created for extracting Zeo Crystal, Goldar proved to be formidable advesary comparable to Rangers' Zords. Since amounts of gold his body composed of came from Rita's magic, his body virtually durable and able to survive Zords' weaponries. But Goldar is not invicible, as his movements would be hindered had some part of his body destroyed into pieces, which means complete destruction of his body will killed him. Even so, Rita can counteract this by "piloting" him like a Zord where her powers not only enable him to regenerate wounds, but also gained ability to create weapons from his body mass.


  • Unlike the TV series, Goldar is not a fully sentient alien, but is rather a golden monster created solely for extracting the Zeo Crystal. He bears a resemblance to the Megazord and to some degree functions as Rita's Zord.


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