Goldbug is the name for two minor bug-themed supervillains appearing in comics published by Marvel Comics. He is a scientist obsessed with gold. Goldbug wears an exo-suit to aid him in his supervillainy and has had run-ins with Hulk and Power Man.


Goldbug was revealed to be an unwitting pawn of They Who Wield Power, including the Hulk's foe Tyrannus, and set out to capture the Hulk. Goldbug kidnapped the Hulk to power his technology and set out to find the city of El Dorado, the legendary "city of gold." The Hulk broke free and escaped, causing the Bugship to crash. They nevertheless arrived in El Dorado, with the Hulk dragging the unconscious Goldbug to El Dorado.  There, Goldbug planned to kill the Hulk, but one of the members of They Who Wield Power revealed himself to be Tyrannus, who killed the other two members of They. Goldbug learned that he was Tyrannus's pawn, and Goldbug and the Hulk both turned on Tyrannus but were captured.  Goldbug freed the Hulk from captivity to battle Tyrannus, and they used El Dorado's technology against him. Tyrannus was teleported into space. The Hulk and Goldbug were teleported to New York, where Goldbug was apprehended by the Heroes for Hire: Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

The villains' technologies were then hijacked by von Bardas, supplying her with power, potentially at the cost of the villains' lives, but the assembled heroes defeated von Bardas and apprehended Goldbug and the others.  Goldbug later attended the auction in which the Venom symbiote was sold.

Later, when the Superhuman Registration Act was announced during the Civil War event, Goldbug wanted to leave the country. He contacted Vienna to make him a new fake identity, but he did not know Vienna was secretly working for the new Heroes for Hire, who later apprehended Goldbug and several other super-villains.[16] When Goldbug and the Plundererwere brought to Captain America's Secret Avengers by Diamondback, the Punisher shot both of them dead, saying that they were "thieves and killers"

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