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Yes, it seems we could use a hand.
~ Goldbug in Dungeons & Dinobots

Goldbug is an evil Autobot Seeker and a recurring antagonist in the Transformers comic series Transformers: Shattered Glass. He is the Shattered Glass Universe's counterpart to Bumblebee.

He is also the leader of the Autobot Seeker group, which also includes Rodimus and Blurr.


Goldbug was originally an Autobot known as Bumblebee who spent his life as a drifter. As he spent his life on the streets of Polyhex, he learned how to be a blackmailer, pickpocket, and a sneak, which he succeeded in. Later on, he joined Optimus Prime's Autobot forces, where his bravery was able to place him on the fast track to power. Following the death of the Autobot Drench, Bumblebee was then upgraded into Goldbug, and took his place as the new leader of the Seekers. Goldbug, under the command of Optimus Prime, took part in a number of missions against the heroic Decepticons. Later on, when Optimus was reformatted into the heroic Nova Prime, Goldbug, along with several other evil Autobots, were captured.


Goldbug is known to be very paranoid. This is due to the fact that he believes that his peers show no respect for him. He is also paranoid about the fact that he will be replaced.


  • Goldbug's toy, which was released as a BotCon Exclusive, is a redeco of the Transformers Cybertron Hot Shot figure, but with a retooled head.