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~ Hallucinations in the first game.
And then I wanted there to be a sixth night... that wasn't an actual night, it was just kinda a thing where you look in a mirror and realize that you have been Flumpty this whole game. The whole thing took place in your consciousness, Golden Flumpty is your alter-ego and you have been tempted to kill all these innocent people because you thought it was a fun game.
~ Jonochrome about what would have been the finale of the cancelled One Week at Flumpty's.

Golden Flumpty is the overarching antagonist of the One Night at Flumpty's series.

He is a mysterious golden version of Flumpty Bumpty. Had One Week at Flumpty's been finished, it would have been revealed that he's none other than Flumpty's inner demon, alter-ego and the living manifestation, incarnation, embodiment and representation of his most cruel, evil, destructive and chaotic side.


Golden Flumpty serves as the overarching antagonist of all three games. In ONaF 3, he serves as one of the the main antagonists of "Normal Night" and "Hard-Boiled Mode", and the posthumous overarching antagonist of "Flumpty Night".

He also serves as the unseen overarching antagonist of the One Week at Flumpty's web videos, and would have also been the main antagonist of the cancelled One Week at Flumpty's.


Although Golden Flumpty has no shown personality in the games, he is a living representation of Flumpty's chaotic side, which, seeing how Flumpty acts, makes it likely that he is utterly cruel, sadistic, psychopathic and heartless. He wanted Flumpty to be as insane as possible, and has no comedic moments (besides arguably his portrait in the credits of the first game).



Golden Flumpty is Flumpty Bumpty's inner demon and representation of his chaotic side. He wanted Flumpty to cause as much chaos as he can.

One Night at Flumpty's

Golden Flumpty appears mostly during the final hours. He appears in the office at random, and you need to pull the camera up so he won't kill you.

One Night at Flumpty's 2

Golden Flumpty acts exactly the same but now you can turn the lights off to not get killed.

One Night at Flumpty's 3

Golden Flumpty activates at 4 AM. He can appear in every single camera, and if the player drops the monitor while Golden Flumpty is visible on the camera feed, he will jumpscare them; However, instead of killing them, he drains their temperature.

He's killed by Flumpty at the end of the first night for failing him and managing to let the player survive. His body is shown brutally stuffed inside Eyesaur

Other Media

One Week at Flumpty's

It would have been revealed on the sixth night that the player was Flumpty this whole time. The whole game was inside his head and Golden Flumpty was Flumpty's inner demon. Flumpty defeats Golden Flumpty and goes back in time to revive everyone he has killed so they can get their revenge and kill Flumpty.



  • Golden Flumpty is a clear parody of Golden Freddy. In fact, he was created simply because Golden Freddy existed. However, in the third game, he instead serves as a parody of Phantom Balloon Boy.

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