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I'm from Holland, It isn't zat veird?
~ Goldmember
Vould you like a schmoke and a pancake?
~ Goldmember asking his guests and prisoners.
I love gold!
~ Goldmember

Johan van der Smut (commonly known as Goldmember) was the titular main antagonist of the film Austin Powers in Goldmember.

He was portrayed by comedian/actor Mike Myers. In a brief sequence at the end, featuring a 'film within a film', he is played by John Travolta against Tom Cruise as Austin Powers.


In the 1970s, he accidentally lost his genitals in an unfortunate smelting accident and had them replaced with a golden key.

In Goldmember, he teams up with Dr. Evil to eradicate Austin Powers. He also has a love for gold, and paints his enemy's genitals in gold as a calling card. He asked Dr. Evil if he could paint Nigel Powers' genitalia gold, although he is later rebuffed. He also has a habit of peeling off his dry skin and eating it.

He later tries to fire up the Preparation H laser beam, but is defeated by Powers and the reformed Dr. Evil, who work together to reverse the polarity in the system. And he is later arrested by Foxxy Cleopatra (who is played by Beyonce).


  • He is a parody of Auric Goldfinger from the James Bond film Goldfinger.
  • Although he states that he originates from Holland (see quote), he speaks with an German accent instead of Dutch.
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