If I can't have it, then nobody will!
~ Goldor

Goldor is one of the antagonists from Final Fantasy III.


A wealthy and greedy knight, he lives in a secluded manor that is made entirely of gold. His armor is also made of gold, and even the monsters that lurk inside his manor are made of gold. He possesses a large crystal that is very similar to the Earth Crystal, capable of generating gold for him. After the Warriors of Light restore the flow of time, Goldor starts thinking that they will try to steal his crystal, so he locks their airship with a golden chain and retreats to his manor. Unable to go anywhere, the Warriors of Light are forced to go after him, so that they can unlock their airship. They find Goldor in the crystal room in his manor, so Goldor promptly attacks them. Defeated, Goldor destroys the crystal and runs away, dropping the key to unlock the airship.


  • The game never says if Goldor was affected in any way by the great earthquake, but he probably wasn't, since he never really posed a threat to anyone.


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