Goldtooth is a minor antagonist of the online game World of Warcraft. He is the leader of the Kobolds in Elwynn Forest and, as his name implies, has a gold tooth.


During a "war" of sorts between two rival farming families, one member in the Stonefield family, Bernice, lost her favorite necklace.

The young son of their rival family, Billy Maclure, had stolen the necklace and lost in at the Fargodeep Mines, where a large Kobald named Goldtooth picked it up and ran into the mines.

Bernice employed a young adventurer with getting the information out of Billy. The young boy told the adventurer that if Bernice made him a pie he would tell her exactly what happened. The adventurer did so, and was told that Goldtooth now had the necklace.

The adventurer traveled into the Kobald hideout and killed Goldtooth. The adventurer retrieved the necklace and returned to to Bernice.

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